Modifying Subscriptions

@Tyler_Huel - I have had a Subscription for a while now (first order 22 April 2019). I am currently trying to modify my Subscription (Dispatch Date: 21 October 2019) and it will not allow me to REMOVE the Vanilla. I can add a Vanilla but I cannot Remove the one that is in there. This next order I only want Chocolate and 3 Bags are fine. Just NO Vanilla - I have enough Vanilla on hand to last me 3 months. I don’t want to cancel my Subscription and then add it again. Please modify my Subscription to 3 bags of Chocolate only. Thanks!

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from what I’ve experienced when modifying my orders is that once you have had a subscription in place you can’t actually go in and start from zero bags of any of your previous orders…you need to add the bags that you want AND THEN go and adjust the rest of your order.

for example; you have 3 bags of vanilla shipped every month, and now you want to switch to 3 bags of chocolate. add the 3 of chocolate that you want, and then remove the vanilla bags.

cool?! cool…

I tried that. I had one bag of Vanilla in the order. I wanted zero! I added 1, 2 got up to 3 bags, went back down and would only let me go back to 1 bag. Could not get it to go to zero. Customer support removed it for me so I am good to go!

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that’s what they’re there for!! they are good about helping us lowly customers figure things out that prevent us from enjoying Huel when we want to…ENJOY