I really hope you can improve your order system

I love the product, but it’s very frustrating to me that I can’t easily add things to my subscription order.

A few examples: I have two scoops, I would like a third (one for home, one for my girlfriend’s house, one for my office), but I can’t seem to find any way to edit the order for my next delivery to include another scoop.

Also, obviously I don’t need to buy flavor boosts every time, but when I run out of one and want another, it sure would be nice to be able to throw it into the existing order and save the shipping costs.

Most importantly, my use of Huel ebbs and flows. Sometimes I need my next subscription order in 3-4 weeks, sometimes not for 6, and it would be nice if it were easier to update the date of next delivery. I have it set to every 6 weeks, so I don’t end up with more than I can use, but it sure would be nice if it were relatively easy to go in and say “Yes, I know it’s still three weeks off, but I need my next delivery sooner.”

Is there any chance you can enhance your order system to make this stuff easier? I love being a customer, it would just be nice if it were a bit easier.


It seems like I might be able to get around some of this by cancelling my subscription and entering a new one each time I need something new/different or on a different schedule, but that feels convoluted.

Would you suggest that’s the best option?

Many of us repeat customers have learned to just order as needed each time and skip the subscription. The very small discount you get from subscribing is not worth the hassle. Besides, regularly priced Huel is still very economical and they have free shipping. Just be sure to order at least 2 weeks before anticipate running out and you should be fine. Just like you, my use varies and I feel a subscription might leave me with too little or excess. Just my two pennies.


I second this sentiment

I deliberately don’t subscribe despite being a regular hueler.

The tiny discount is not worth it to abandon the convenience of being to order exactly what I want, when I want it.