Tomato and Herb + Vomiting

Hear me out, I want to know why my body is reacting this way without heading back to the doctor.

Gifted a bag of Huel Cajun last month and was finally sold on buying my own subscription after months of clicking on the ads. Chose Tomato and Herb. It came and I was super eager to try it since Cajun went so well!

8pm - 2 scoops - added hot sauce when done to add a little flavor.
10pm - took CBD (25 mg)
11pm - vomiting
3am - more vomiting
8am - not vomiting, but extremely lightheaded, called out of work

No way this was Huel since everyone is raving about it, maybe a bad gummy???:no_good_man::no_good_man::no_good_man: So I gave it another go at work 2 days later (today).

3pm - 1 scoop - no hot sauce
5pm - heading home starting to feel nauseous
530pm - here I am feeling nauseous and lightheaded, browsing through forums to see if anyone has this with Tomato and Herb.

A few notes:

-I take methylphenidate, 50mg/ day.
-Throwing up, the flax seeds were everywhere and most notable (I guess because they don’t digest like that?:smiling_face_with_tear:
-Hot flash right before???

  • Lost kidney in March.
    -Occasional marijuana and CBD user, not daily.
    -no known allergies

Any forum advice, tips, similar experiences? I really want to make Huel my 2024 resolution. :frowning:

Thanks y’all,

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Hi @PinkOyster - Welcome to the US Forum!

I’m so sorry to hear about this! We take instances like this very seriously. Could you please email us at with this information along with your order number and the batch details from the Tomato & Herb bag (these will be found on the back lower corner of the bag), so we can look into this for you and try to help?

@Kathryn_Huel Thank you, kindly for hearing me through a forum. Email sent. Let’s figure it out together. :muscle: