Gluten Intolerance?

I’ve been eating mostly Huel for a few weeks now. I’ll have regular junk food 2 or 3 nights out of the week for dinner. I’ve been having what I would describe as junk food hangovers the following day. Low Energy, Brain Fog, and Mild Headaches. I’ve never been one to get headaches. Maybe 1 mild one every couple of months, but I’ve been having them several times a week in the last month and it’s usually the day after I eat crap.

My main reason for trying Huel is to see if a balanced, healthy diet can increase my energy levels. My cooking skills stop at being able to boil water and I really don’t like going to the store on a regular basis. I don’t feel like my energy levels are any higher since starting Huel, but it might have just been gradual so I’m not noticing. The days I eat like crap I can sure tell the difference! I realize those symptoms can be caused by multiple things, but it certainly seems like it is probably gluten. Big smack to the head if I’m just finding this out at 40 years old. I’ve never been one to buy-in to the whole gluten free thing unless someone had an obvious reaction to eating it, but now I’m taking a new look at it. I just order the regular Huel by the way, not even the gluten-free.

Even though I’ve been caving in to my food cravings, they have been less intense week after week. Since I’ve been having the junk food hangovers, it’s getting easier to steer clear of the junk. I’m in the middle of week 4 of Hueling.

Welcome Scott!

That’s an interesting observation. Even the standard Huel is low in gluten and should be okay for most people with gluten intolerance (just not those with coeliac disease) so it’s certainly possible. You can always talk to a dietitian to get a proper diagnosis, it will help ensure your diet does not become unnecessarily restrictive.

Thought I’d update this a little bit. I’ve been experimenting some when I eat regular food. If it’s heavy on bread like pizza/calzone, I feel pretty terrible the next day. If it’s heavy on carbs other than bread, I get really sleepy for a few hours after but then I feel fine. I’m a little over a month into Hueling now and I’m down 10 pounds. It has been pretty easy to maintain also. I did take a business trip and didn’t feel like checking a bag so I didn’t take any Huel with me. Boy, was I lost on what to eat and I’m not to be trusted to eat healthy if I don’t plan ahead for it. I’ll just suck it up and spend the extra time in baggage claim next time. I’ve also been shaking with my non-dominant hand to increase coordination so there’s that too!

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