Huel making me feel nauseous. Anyone else have this feeling?

I have been doing Huel for a little bit but just recently I have been getting nauseous when I use it. The feeling lasts all day too. I went one day without it and felt great. The nauseous feeling doesn’t start until I’ve had Huel. Does anyone else experience this?

To be honest, I had this experience for a little while. I’m not sure how it went away. I switched to unflavored only or went back to Huel only once a day. Vanilla has been fine now, but I eat it mixed with fruit or lots of cinnamon or the chai hack.

Interesting. I’ve used Vanilla Huel by itself, with chocolate, banana, strawberry flavor additives, with PB, with cashews, with frozen berries. I’ve had it fresh as well as refrigerated x 12 hours. I’ve always done 3 full heaping scoops with each and I usually drink it pretty quick. Never had any nausea or reflux.

In fact, I have acid reflux, diagnosed with a BRAVO study and endoscopy. I’m on a proton pump inhibitor. I must say that I have hardly any symptoms of reflux after drinking Huel and am seriously considering cutting my dose down on my Omeprazole (PPI) since it’s so easy on my digestive system.

There may be some ingredient in one of the foods used to make Huel that may be triggering your nausea. Or perhaps reflux. (Nausea is a common symptom of reflux.) I know that if I have certain “trigger” foods in any quantity will give me bad reflux. A single leaf of spinach or small bite of avacado or plantains and I’m refluxing and nauseous for the whole day. There must be some chemical in them that causes my gastric emptying to slow. Or, it may be possible there is some specific chemical in those food ingredients that triggers your “chemoreceptor trigger zone” in the brain that causes nausea, independent of any reflux.

Do you notice your stomach is still distended for a while after drinking huel? Your’re not riding the tilt-a-whirl after drinking Huel, right?


Could have been partially mental in my case. Which is odd since I’m not a picky eater and usually no foods make me nauseous or squeamish.

Interesting about the reflux. I actually did have some in the beginning, too. But I think maybe the size of one meal was a lot for me. Is there fish oil in Huel? I swear that’s what I tasted. But, lime i said for me it all this has passed with thw addition of fruits or spices.

No fish oil or any fish products. It’s supposed to be vegan, so I don’t think they would put that in there.

Their source of fat is from flaxseed and sunflower oil powder. A little bit of coconut oil.