First time using HUEL, not pleasant

I just had my first serving of HUEL. I’m hoping it will get better as my body becomes accustomed to it. Immediately upon finishing my first “dose” of 1 scoop, I experienced violent diarrhea and now have intense nausea. Not what I had expected.

Hmm, Huel does have a higher amount of fiber than some are used to, but this is certainly not a typical reaction. We recommend lowering your intake to even half a serving, drink slowly, stay hydrated, note other environmental and dietary factors, but above all else, listen to your body and if Huel isn’t right for you, we can work out a return/refund.

Thanks for the reply. My typical level of fiber intake is much higher than most people’s, I don’t think it could possibly be that. I’ll try again in a couple of days and see if it might have been because of something else I had eaten just before taking the Huel. The nausea passed fairly quickly.

Was it hard for you to get a return address to send your packages back?

Hey Christopher, please return any unopened product to the address below, including your name and order number.

Huel Returns
14401 Sovereign Road
Suite 101
Fort Worth, TX 76155

Once you ship the return, send us the tracking number at and we can work out a refund or exchange.

I just had another Huel shake and all seems fine so far. I must have eaten something else that day that didn’t agree with me and the Huel just pushed me over the edge. I am going to try using it a little each day this week and see how I tolerate it. I’m hoping this will be the answer to my quest for a healthier diet when I’m on the road!


How have the past few days been going, Jane?

It seems ok now, I’m temporarily not using Huel as I’ve developed a killer migraine and don’t want to do anything new until it’s gone. I hope to start a daily Huel shake on Monday. I did make a full 3 scoop portion and drank it with no issues.

Me too. I just posted. Tried a few times to like it, in fact did 3 scooos an hour ago and I’m typing this from the toilet. My body wants to vomit but it’s just terrible diarrhea.

I’m sorry to hear that. It only happened to me the first time. I’m convinced it was something else I ate. There is a lot of fiber in Huel, and if you’re not used to fiber that can make it very hard to adjust to. I always get a lot of fiber anyway, so I know it wasn’t that, and after the first serving of Huel I never have had another incident.
Good luck to you.