Ready to Drink Huel - Light Headed

After drinking a bottle in about 30mins time and before completed I get a light headed feeling for about an hour after.

I have no medical conditions, 6ft, 220lbs needing to lose about 30lbs and have not ate healthy prior and high beer intake in the evenings.

The plan is to avoid drinking and stick with Huel, light healthy snacks and 1-2 meals with the family. Could this be due to the increase of all these nutrients flooding into my system?

Thanks for reading

I would suggest increasing your water intake. This is because Huel is high in fibre so can act like a sponge in the gut. Let me know if that helps!


I will give this a try as i’m sure i’m not properly hydrated i’m sure! Thank you Dan i’ll let you know how it goes.


If it was the same day you started avoiding drinking, it could be your body adjusting to that as well.

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Thank you both for replying. I’ve upped my water intake and quit drinking. It went away just as you both had suggested. Thank you! What an odd experience. Whew!

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Wooo great news!