Toasted Coconut Huel! 👏🏻

My partner created this and it’s tasty too! Unsweetened/Unflavored Huel powder with organic brown sugar and Terrasoul’s Coconut Milk powder! It makes an amazing toasted coconut flavor! He did it with just the shaker too👏🏻


No coconut shavings right? That’s what I normally assume when I see ‘toasted coconut’. Also, have you tried the coconut secret coconut nectar or just coconut sugar instead of brown sugar?

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Correct, no shavings. I myself don’t add sweetener of any kind. This was just me trying what he had made.


Oooh, I think I’ll have to try this😋Thanks so much for sharing!


Just a trivial side note. Brown sugar, organic or not, is still highly processed sugar that’s merely 1-step.shy of becoming the highly processed white sugar we’re all aware of.

Food for thought. Pun intended.

Toasted Coconut sounds very tasty!

And yes! Brown sugar is similar; however, it contains molasses, as well. Everyone’s preference for sweetness differs and with added sugars, you do want to be mindful of, and try to limit, the amount you have daily!

Huel should make this. UH-HUM!!


This sounds really tasty. Tell your other half it’s appreciated.

Mucho grande :muscle:

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Toasted Coconut does sound like a great flavor! Our team loves and appreciates flavor suggestions from Hueligans. I will definitely pass this on!