Sugar substitute

I’m not a big fan of artificial sweeteners, and I suspect sucralose as a problem for me.
I’m going to try mixing U/U Huel with flavored huel, as well as adding my own flavor / sweetener.
I bought some coconut palm sugar today to try out, but does anyone have an idea of how much to add to a 100g / 400 calorie huel? What would be a reasonable (& unreasonable) amount to add to huel?
Anyone else ever tried adding cane or coconut sugar to their U/U or other huel?

I’m looking for something convenient, that doesn’t need a blender. Blender / other ideas are welcome too, but i’m specifically looking for simple. I’m not really a sugar / cane sugar hater, but I want to be (at least) semi healthy, and lose weight. I’m thinking one serving of sugar at most, which is apparently 10g or 2.5 tsp (40 calories). I suppose I may just have to figure it out myself, but was really hoping for some insight / opinions, possibly from someone who has experience with this?

Maple syrup in U/U Huel is yummy.

I don’t think anyone well be able to suggest ideal amount of sweetener - whatever you use would be too much for me and what I like probably wouldn’t be enough for you.

It can be expensive, but so can the date sugar

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You can always try Stevia - the flavor is diluted with larger amounts of liquid & it adds a sweet flavor without being too unhealthy. It’s pretty potent as well.

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The best sugar replacement (particularly for diabetics and people on diet) is stevia; after that it’s agave nectar.

You can also use fruits (figs, dates, berries) to sweeten.

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