To weigh or to scoop?

Do any of you weigh your powder? Or do you rely on the scoop?

Just started (2 drinks a day) and I scoop, keeping my powders in some cheap cereal containers for neatness and ease. Weighing would be messy I think.

My idea is to set up huel in myfitnesspal to be able to just log the weight of my scoops instead of trying to get my scoops to weigh exactly the right amount. Would this work?

Put your liquid and mixins into the cup, zero your scale and then scoop. By the end of the week you will know how much a heavy/light scoop weights probably within 4 grams. (Use grams, it’s so much easier than fractional ounces)

Oh that’s a lot less messy than my plan. Thanks!

You can also buy scoops with built in scales which might help you out here! 1g = 4kcal!

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I definitely weigh my Huel. Part of the Huel experience for me is being able to very accurately and conveniently monitor calories (I’m trying to gain weight, as I weigh only 120lbs at 5’8", 30 years old, but weighing and knowing is still important to me and my doctors), and just from experience one level scoop can vary in weight by as much as ~8-10 grams. That makes a noticeable difference in the long run. Your bag of Huel will also last longer if you accurately weigh it, I’ve found.

As @miked said, liquids first, zero out the scale, and then dump in the powder (I tend to err on the side of caution and scoop multiple half-full scoops rather than a full scoop, just in case). I’ve also found that this makes my daily Huels much more consistent in terms of flavor and texture, and that’s also important to me.


I weigh as well, but after 6 months, I can nail exactly 100g almost every time. Scoop, flatten against inside of bag and shake/pack a little bit. Almost guaranteed to be 50g.