Where can I find a metal scoop to keep the static down?

I just got my first shipment, and as I saw from some other posts, powder floated everywhere. I would like to try a metal scoop like suggested, but don’t know where to find one or what size to get.

I would try measuring how much volume is contained in each scoop by putting it into some measuring thing such as a cup measurement and then estimate how much is actually contained in each scoop. Just an idea though, I’m sure one of the Huel staff could specify exactly how much this is.

Any decent kitchen gadget store should have metal measuring cups. I broke the handle off the plastic ones, so metal is definitely better for durability. The quarter cup measure is about the size of the scoop… more or less. And there’s the thing: you get more or less than an exact measure depending on how you scoop and how much you pack it.

If you’re trying to be very exact on your calories, you should probably also get/have/use a food scale. They’re not too expensive and you’ll be amazed how much you’ve been mis-judging portions until you start weighing things. So yeah, the quarter cup scoop is about 40 to 50 grams depending on how tightly packed you make it.

You know what though? If you zero the scale with the shaker+water, you can spoon Huel into the shaker until it weighs however much you wanted. Maybe that’d be easier and more accurate than scoops?

I just checked my scoop, on the bottom of the handle it says it is 70 ml. Hopefully that helps!

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fwiw, we have a pretty screwy way of measuring things and we’re willfully anti-metric.

70 mL is seventy milliliters of liquid volume. A full serving of Huel is 125 grams of weight. If that’s three scoops then each scoop of Huel should weigh about 42 grams.


Thank you for all of the tips. I am going to go shopping for a scoop today and see what I find.

I second the suggestion of getting a cheap digital scale. Makes it much easier. Quarter cup seems to be too little, 1/3 cup seems to be too much. Using a scale to put in 127g - perfect.

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If you find a perfect fit, then tell me, I might be interested in one as well.

So I went with a 1/3 cup scoop and played with packing until it weighed about 35g, which is what my original scoop was giving me.

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