The case for a food scale

When I first started Huel, I made the decision that I was going to keep things simple.

I decided I wasn’t going to add anything to my shakes, use a blender, a scale, or anything that added time to the prep.

I figured I had a measuring scoop, so why would I need to weigh my Huel? I soon found out why.

I was having ongoing GI issues, caused by Huel, so I decided to try U/U. I ordered two bags, so I could use it exclusively, for at least a week.

The two bags, which should have lasted me over eight days, barely lasted for six days!

It turns out I was packing way too much Huel into the scoop, and consuming more calories than I thought, as well.

I have since purchased an inexpensive scale, and I use it every time I prepare my shakes. If you are counting calories and/or want your Huel to last as long as it should, I highly recommend investing in a food scale!

This is the one I purchased. It works great!


Sounds like a case for a more accurate scoop! I’ve felt like I’ve been going through my bags more quickly than I should; I wonder if this is the reason. Unfortunately, given the choice, I’m more likely to stop using Huel than I am to get a scale.

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I’m not sure it’s possible to have a “more accurate scoop”. People just scoop differently. Some pack it more than others, use a heaping scoop, etc. Also, the product itself can settle during shipping and be denser than usual. Any scoop is going be an approximate no matter what.


Perhaps, though those particular objections are easily overcome. If settling is the problem, directing us to shake the bags vigorously first to reverse the effects would be an option. Huel already ships with instructions on how to “properly scoop,” which involves using the side of the bag as a level (so no heaping scoops). Perfection is impossible, no doubt, but being off by more than 33% is rather significant (to finish in 3/4 of the time you need to consume it at 4/3 the normal speed).

How about this? Put the amount you want per serving on your scale, and then see how much that is in scoops - and then use the scoops after that. Personally I want about 500 calories per serving, and that is roughly 2 1/2 scoops, packed loosely. I don’t care if it is off by a spoonful or two.

The issue is how much powder you pack into the scoop. I thought I was measuring correctly, but I was packing way too much powder into the scoop. I weigh every scoop now. It only takes a few extra seconds.

Every food is like this and measuring cups are the same way. The only way to accurately log your calories is with a food scale.