Confusion re scoops and quantities

Hi, Huel. Listen, you guys might want to be more clear about the scoop size and the meal size. Exactly how many calories are in 1 scoop of Huel? The label on the bag says 1 cup of Huel = 500 calories. The booklet I got with my order says 3 scoops = 450 calories. However, 3 scoops makes more than 1 cup, according to my measurements. So something is off, probably due to cup sizes varying a bit from instrument to instrument.

Basically I would like a simple way to measure out 500 calories, which is what I typically use for a meal. Currently I have been going with 3 scoops, but I’m no longer sure if that is right.

I would suggest putting the amount of calories on the scoop, but of course that could lead to difficulties if you change your recipe. Or better yet, offer for sale a nice scoop - maybe made of stainless steel or another good quality metal - that measures 100 calories, and let people make their meals how they want to.

Hey @Trailesque, many people here in the forums recommend measuring by weight as opposed to volume. Huel Powder, and really any other powder, can settle and become compacted in the bag for a number of reasons. Also, a scoop for you may be different from a scoop for me, again depending on how tightly the scoop is packed.

I don’t use it often but I did pick a small digital kitchen scale from my local grocery store for about $10. That’s really the only way you will get exact measurements. Hope this helps!


Heyo. Three scoops of Huel = around 1 cup. It could be slightly more or less. If three scoops are around 500 calories, then you’d have about 167 calories per scoop. What @kris4183 said is good advice if you are wanting the exact same amount each time.

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How many potato chips are in a 30 gram serving?

Of course you don’t know exactly because the chips are always broken even if they weren’t all different sizes to begin with.

A similar thing happens with “scoops” - they are different sizes based on how much powder you force into the scoop before you dump it out.

I use a 1/4 cup measuring cup with a rounded bottom because it’s easier for me to “scoop” than the cylindrical plastic scoop that came with Huel. I have measured the weight of powder that I scoop between 40 and 50 grams (I used a kitchen scale) so 3 of those scoops is 120 to 150 grams. I’m ok with a little more than 500 calories for a good breakfast. I’m also ok with eating a few extra potato chips in a “serving” :slight_smile: