Huel Scoop measurement


I do not have a scoop. What is the equivalent to a tablespoon compared a scoop?



Don’t scoop; weigh.

If you have a 1/4 cup measuring cup already in your kitchen, weigh the amount of Huel you can get in there. Do it at least three times, then average. You’ll probably be around 40-50 grams each.


3/4 Cup of powder…seems like alot. I don’t have a scale


I thought I heard the scoop was about 1/3 cup. The 500 calorie serving says it’s a one cup serving. I always do roughly 3 scoops. Unless I’m at the end of the bag then my shake might be thicker than normal…


127g of Huel powder is the standard serving size of Huel. 127g is equivalent to 3-4 scoops or about 1 cup. Since Americans don’t typically use food scales, we recommend starting with 3/4-1cup and adding more or less depending on your personal preference.