Huel Scoop measurement

I do not have a scoop. What is the equivalent to a tablespoon compared a scoop?


Don’t scoop; weigh.

If you have a 1/4 cup measuring cup already in your kitchen, weigh the amount of Huel you can get in there. Do it at least three times, then average. You’ll probably be around 40-50 grams each.

3/4 Cup of powder…seems like alot. I don’t have a scale

I thought I heard the scoop was about 1/3 cup. The 500 calorie serving says it’s a one cup serving. I always do roughly 3 scoops. Unless I’m at the end of the bag then my shake might be thicker than normal…

127g of Huel powder is the standard serving size of Huel. 127g is equivalent to 3-4 scoops or about 1 cup. Since Americans don’t typically use food scales, we recommend starting with 3/4-1cup and adding more or less depending on your personal preference.

For those interested in the metric scoop measurement, it is 70ml

I’m assuming this is now outdated information? Isn’t it two scoops and 100g?
I was just reading this thread because it showed as unread, since someone added a comment recently.

70 milliLITERS is a volume
50 milliGRAMS is a weight

We make life confusing by measuring things in ounces of liquid volume and ounces of weight.

Three times 1/4th Cup volume of powder weighs 100 grams (i use a food scale) - it would save me that extra trip into the bag if I used only two of the larger Huel scoop, but I think my measuring cups are better because the round bottom let’s the ball-shape fall out much easier than the cylinder shape of the Huel scoop

I suggest everyone use a food scale to measure
…and a blender to mix. (I use an immersion blender for easy cleanup)

I’m not sure if you were replying to me, or just making a general post.
I was replying to @Teresa_Huel, about the 127g and 3-4 scoops.

I thought you were replying to paul2’s comment that the metric scoop is 70mL and a 2 scoop serving is 100g

I’ve seen so much confusion on units of measure

…not just here, but in hospital settings too. It’s mind blowing.

Correct, that’s old information. We changed scoop sizes end of 2018.