Proper scoops... Packed or no

I noticed a scoop of Huel will have gaps in it. Should I do packed scoops to get the correct amount, or no?

Proper scoops are scooped out of the bag and onto a digital kitchen scale.

Which I know isn’t what you are asking, but the truth is that you just can’t always tell how packed down the huel is. I suppose packing it in is more likely to be consistent, but you’d still need to weigh what’s in a packed scoop to get a sense of how much you’re getting there.

I use the scoop and estimate that I get between 100 and 110 grams with three level scoops, not packed. But that’s just an estimate, and if the value was closer to the 127 that’s supposed to be in a serving, I’d be a lot more careful to weigh each time. Since I’m trying to lose a few pounds, I don’t worry too much if I only get 100g or 110 g or 115g, as long as I don’t go over the 127g

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Thanks. I’ll probably break out the scale since I’m planning to increase my usage of Huel.

3 heaping scoops, or 3 and a quarter leveled scoops is so close to 500 calories, you might not need the scale. I just wing it with my Huel dosage.