Tips on Tracking Shipping

I agree the email from Huel about tracking numbers is not clear or easy to navigate – especially when you have multiple boxes being delivered.

Sign up for a free account at – and ask to be notified for any pending deliveries – and then you’ll know exactly how many boxes you have arriving and on what date. In my area, Huel ships via FedEx Home.

On average, FedEx sends me delivery notifications 12 hours before I get the “official” shipping email from Huel.

You’ll get one FedEx email sent per box shipped, so it is super precise.

Just make sure you’re logged in to FedEx when you check you delivery status because then you’ll get more specific delivery days and times.

NOTE: Sometimes FedEx will delay a Huel box by a day or two if you have a big order, and that delay doesn’t always get updated until late in the day, but more information is better than no information.

As well, set up a free account for UPS and sign up for “Informed Delivery” for USPS to also get delivery notifications on anything and everything heading your way from all the big delivery services. Informed Delivery also covers your regular letter mail arriving each day.

Once I get a delivery notification email, I add the tracking numbers to my free “Deliveries” App on my iPhone, and the information shows synchronized deliveries on my iPad and Mac all in one place. I also get notified by the App if there’s a delay and when the items have been delivered.

I have no financial interest in Deliveries; I’m just a loyal user.