Got my shipping notification...but not shipped?

I ordered on March 14th, got my shipping notification on March 16th. FedEx says the label has been generated but nothing else. I knew there was going to be a delay but this seems a bit much. Has anyone else experienced this?

This will be my first Huel order experience.

I placed my order on the 17th and it said it shipped out on the 18th - original estimated delivery date, via FedEx was March 19th. However, this does not mean FedEx has received my order - they just received the package information and are awaiting the package itself to deliver it. I think it’s something common that Huel does - they wait until they feel they have enough orders to send them off to FedEx for delivery. If orders are slow then they may be waiting a longer period of time until orders fill up so they can send off the packages together to FedEx. As a consumer, it’s frustrating, but meh… Free shipping, I’m not gonna complain. It’ll get there, and from a company perspective it probably cuts way down on expenses if they wait until they have enough orders and I’m hoping that contributes to keeping costs low for us.

I’m actually NOT ok with that. If this were some other product, almost anything other than, you know, food, that might be acceptable. But if someone was depending on a timely delivery of the product to eat, then unreliable shipping just won’t cut it. Even if the delivery timetable was two weeks out consistently, a person could plan around that.

I’ve got to say, for a first time customer this doesn’t instill a lot of confidence in the company.

I’ve actually encountered the same on two orders I just made. To be fair to the Huel team on this, Fed Ex has been making a lot of mistakes lately. I work for an employer that ships nationally, and a lot of our dispatches are running into issues like this.

I had a subscription set up not terribly long ago and generally didn’t run into issues like this, so it’s recent, as far as I can tell. I’d be happy with the team just verifying everything is going well; I’m annoyed at the delay, but things happen. It’s unreasonable to expect everything will go perfectly all the time.

I’d be pleasantly surprised with an update from the Huel team on this as well. Unfortunately, I’ve had to make another Soylent purchase while waiting on my order and I will probably have to make one more before I get my shipment, unless it shows up in the next few days. That is just more money that I have to give to a competitor while I wait on shipping.

Hey @benutne,

Apologies for the delay to your tracking updating.
Your order has been collected from us, though some orders coming from our TN fulfillment center can take a few business days to be processed by FedEx, so tracking shows “pending” until then, but will still be on its way and delivered in the usual timeframe. Orders are typically delivered within 3-5 business days (not including weekends), and in a small amount of cases may take a day or so longer due to extra safety precautions mandated in our fulfillment center, or as in this case, carrier transportation delays.

I appreciate you being so patient while we get your order to you, and if you have any questions just let me know or drop us an email at