New customer experience so far: mediocre

I’m a new Huel customer. I placed an order last Saturday (9/5), and like many others, I received the “your order has shipped” status, but no additional information was provided. There is no way someone processed and shipped my order within minutes. That is misleading.

I contacted Huel customer service Tuesday (9/8) and a rep replied promptly, but with a lengthy dissertation about courier delays in Millington (Fedex). I was told,“Your order is en route and your tracking numbers are as follows”. The rep provided two tracking numbers. The tracking status on Fedex’s website says that the shipping labels have been created, but no additional tracking information is available until the packages begin to travel. Fedex (and UPS) are good at providing up-to-date tracking info. They’ve been shipping longer than Huel has been in business, so blaming Fedex for Huel’s mistakes looks bad.

At the end of the day on Thursday (9/10), I placed an order for more Huel, this time through Amazon. Guess what? My order through Amazon will arrive one day later (Friday, 9/11). My order from Huel’s website? Who knows when it will arrive since the status for my tracking numbers says “Estimated Delivery Date: Pending”.

I don’t want a boilerplate response from customer service. I don’t a refund or a discount. I do want to let others know what to expect from Huel until they fix how they handle their order processing and communication.

How are you buying Huel from Amazon? I see Huel Black as $45 more, and for white, just the starter kit at $30 more.

It’s definitely not cheaper on Amazon, but I wanted to test processing time.

Yeah Huel doesn’t sell their products on Amazon so you’re purchasing from a third party…

We understand that our orders are taking longer than what they should and we have highlighted this on our website so our customers can have a visibility on the tracking delays.

In addition, when an order is placed, the orders gets sent to our fulfillment center which then our fulfillment prepares the order to be picked and to get it delivered, the time between the order being ready for pick-up and being in transit is what causes there to be a delay on showing a delivery estimate on the tracking page, however, in our end the “Shipping” process starts when our fulfillment has the order ready for pick-up which is why the email is sent.

Nonetheless, I want to help as much as possible to provide you with all the tracking details that I can gather to you and have personally messaged you to get more information on it.

Thanks for the follow up. I ordered some through Amazon. I understand that you don’t have a shop on Amazon, so obviously I paid more for the product.

I’ve been using Huel for the past three days and it’s really good! I’m looking forward to having more on hand and my subsequent subscription orders as well. Thanks again.

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