How long for shipping?

I ordered my first batch of Huel on November 11 and was promptly charged for the first shipment. I haven’t received any word yet on whether it’s shipped, in the process of shipping, or is just sitting in a warehouse somewhere waiting for someone to package up. On the website, it says to expect a package within 3 business days, and it’s now been more than that.

I have sent emails to support but have gotten no response. Is there something I else I need to do to find out any information on my order?

Hey @kelsanswer! I’m going to get back to your emails right now, but just to be transparent there was a slight technical error that delayed the shipment of your order. My apologies there! It has since been resolved and your order is on the way :slight_smile: I’ll provide your FedEx tracking number via email. Have a wonderful rest of your day!

Thanks for getting back to me! I must admit I was feeling a bit reticent in regards to customer service, but after actually dealing with both you and Phoebe who I was able to snag on the ‘chat’ (at 5am PST), I’m really quite impressed. You both have seemingly bent over backwards to make this situation better.

Personally, I would rather deal with customer service that may take a bit longer to respond, but actually does something than with quick 1-800 number that just makes excuses.

Thanks again.

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@kelsanswer Well I truly appreciate that😁 That’s what we’re striving for here. Phoebe is a rockstar of a team member and we really just want to keep all of our Hueligans happy. I’m sorry that an unfortunate shipping situation brought you to our forum but you should stick around! There’s a ton of wonderful people in this community chatting all things Huel. And of course, if you ever need anything feel free to give me a shout and tag me in a post and I’d be happy to chime in. Have a wonderful Thursday❤