US-based Tracking of Packages | How To?

Hi Folks,

I’ve been on a subscription for about two months now. I’m a big fan of Huel and am actively converting folks that I know. I’ve only got positive things to say.

However, package tracking is a bit confusing. On all of my orders they follow a similar pattern with order numbers:

#01234-US (for example)

I’ve tried using these order numbers on FedEx, USPS, and UPS websites, but it doesn’t work on any of those sites. I can’t seem to find a way to track my order anywhere. This is a bit frustrating, as I can’t be home all the time to get my packages inside promptly and would like to know when they’re arriving. Has anyone figured out how to correctly use these order numbers?


Tracking numbers are usually 12 to 14 numbers for FexEd, For UPS they usually Start with 1Z and are 18 characters long.

The order numbers are for Huel to internally track your order.

Hope this helps.


Where are you seeing this tracking number? When I navigate to My Account > Order History I’m only ever seeing an order number, not a tracking number.


It should show up once it ships. You should get an email also with the tracking number.

None of my emails include a tracking number. Despite multiple deliveries being delivered the interface never updated with a tracking number at any point.

Perhaps it has something to do with my location?

Hi! Tracking is sent to the account email once the order processes. Be sure you are checking the right email account and check all spam boxes.

@Five-Cents - When you get the email that tells you your order has shipped, scroll down to the bottom of the email. Here it will say the following which includes a link to check your tracking:

Delivery Information

Delivery times vary depending on location. You can find the average delivery times, and other delivery information, on our delivery questions page.

Have an issue with your delivery? Please contact us on

Click the link below for shipping status on these items:
Track Shipment


I discovered the issue. It looks like gmail was cutting off the bottom of my emails with attachments. Truly silly, but an error on my end nonetheless.

Thanks for the great support everybody.