TIL: Ice is cold

I had been making breakfast Huel 100g/400ml, which is pretty thick, then chugging it down.

I’m starting on 16/8 intermittent fasting, so moving breakfast to lunch. I also figured I’d increase to 150g, but didn’t want five hours of soak time to make it too thick, so i went to 800ml of liquid. I also wanted to make sure that it stayed cold without refrigeration, so i topped up a huge insulated mug with another 200ml of ice. My Huel shaker has ml markings, but the mug is 40oz - so a liter or quart, it’s big.

At noon, I slammed the whole thing over 4-5 minutes.

Within 10 minutes I was shivering. I was worried that somehow I had a problem, so I spent 15 minutes trying to figure out what metabolism issue makes you cold after eating…

Then I realized: In under 5 minutes, I put 40 oz of cold water in my stomach after 16 hours of fasting.

Lesson learned. When you fill your core with ice-cold Huel, it’s going to make you cold. I share for those who might not know this obvious fact and to amuse those that do. :slight_smile: