Huel ready to drink

I want to try it because it’s convenient for a college student like me, but it’s crazy expensive for what you are getting I feel like. Can someone sway me to buy it

Don’t buy it. Get the Huel powder, a cheap blender, an insulated bottle. Blend the Huel powder in water or (even better) a mix of your favorite milk and water. Substitute some of the water with ice is another option. That way is starts cold. Keep in the refrigerator overnight if needed. Or if making on the same day, add some ice to the drink in the container.

Powdered Huel is way better since you can add frozen berries, or make with milk, or add peanut butter. You can titrate the amount of powder or liquid to your liking. And it’s almost as convenient as ready to drink.

I make Huel every night before work and store in the refrigerator. After a few times, I got the routine down and it takes way less time than prepping real food for work and way less time than walking to the cafeteria and waiting in line to get food. So yes there is some prep work. But very little. It’s still very efficient, very cost effective, and very nutritious.

I don’t know about you, but 400
calories (1 ready to drink Huel bottle) doesn’t cut it for me for a full meal. With Huel powder, I can make it as big as I want.


I agree with Deron. My husband and I each make two shakes in the evening for the next day’s breakfast and lunch. With a big enough blender, you can do 2 at a time, which is great! It takes only 15 minutes or so including cleanup. It’s definitely better than my previous routine of cooking a week’s worth of meals on Sunday or even making smoothies - all that chopping and measuring and prepping took forever! Huel is much cheaper and easier for us.

I haven’t had any problems with delivery or service with Huel and from what I’ve seen here on the forum, they do seem to respond to people and get problems sorted out.

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Where do I buy from then

Hi Tim, I checked it out and it looks like you were replied to on 12/31 and 1/2 by my teammates. I’m sorry to hear your issue wasn’t fully addressed. We are happy to help however else we can. :blush: Our team is readily available at and we also offer phone support for urgent matters, 1-833-GET-HUEL.

Teresa feel free to post the email responses that Huel supposedly sent me here. The only response I received was in 12/31/2018 that said my order had shipped, which never happened.

@Tank999 I understand your frustration. However, based on your own post you knew the expected ship date was Friday 12/28. Your first post on this forum was on 1/3 (only 3 business days later). This is a brand new product, so it would not be unusual to have hiccups getting it out the door etc. Plus they were trying to ship what I would assume is a very large number of orders, over the holidays when fewer people are working, and when shipping companies are at their busiest. Not to mention the national holiday thrown in there as well.

Maybe Huel could have released at a later date to avoid the holidays, but then we would have had to wait longer. I agree that it would be better if Huel had a phone number where you could reach someone immediately 24/7, but without outsourcing that function (which I am guessing Huel does not want to do) it is an expensive proposition for what is really still a small company. Everything I have seen suggests that Huel employees like @Teresa_Huel are very responsive on these forums, often resolving issues in a few hours. And in my experience, all my orders have delivered within the suggested 3-5 business day time frame (

same experience. i thought my delivery was coming 2 days ago then tracking said cancelled the day of delivery. no explanation or response to my inquiries as of yet.

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Bobbins I agree with everything you said. When a company doesn’t supply a phone number initially and uses a support email, someone has to be available to respond to the emails. The only reason I started posting on their site is the fact they would not respond to my emails and I was left no option. I understood the shipping date was 12/28 and was happy to wait for the product. When I did receive a standard form email about my order has shipped I figured they are a few days behind. When I checked the tracking number supplied and the only thing that had happened from 12/31 to 1/3 was a label had been created that’s when I have a problem. Like I said communication should be a priority with customers.

Hopefully their communication will only improve as they continue to grow! Like I said, I totally understand where you are coming from. It would be nice if every company could ship and communicate as reliably as a huge company like Amazon.

Here is one option. Especially if you are new to Huel and want to just try a starter pack

Your email used for the forum doesn’t pull up in our system. Can you please DM me with your name and order number so I can look into this for you?

i see no ability for me to dm you, just receive messages. shoot me an email.

The same happened to me, all I keep hearing are excuses!

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Hello. I have two bags of vanilla powder that I never used. Make me an offer?

They are heavy so shipping might be expensive?


I find the exact opposite is true. The Huel team has always responded quick and in a friendly way. They rock in my eyes!


It seems pricey on the outset, but meals end up being a bit over $2 each. You’re not going to find that anywhere, even at the cheap campus eateries. A bag goes a long way. It’s filling and it’s cheap. Great for the broke student if you can find the initial cash to get going.

Same here, no response to emails only started getting replies when I posted to this forum.

I was in a store in Utah. There were some protein drinks, and next to them was Soylent. I haven’t noticed that before. Will Huel make its way to the big stores? (I am not interested at all in Soylent, and I prefer my Huel in powder form, but just curious)

We can surely hope in due time! What particular stores would you like to see us in?