Three orders in now and yoooooooooooo

I have been using Huel for three months now and found that the shakes tasted delicious and accomplished what they were advertised to do.

My most recent order had the shakes tasting like McDonalds shakes…less oats, more candy?! Did the formula change?? Is this the NEW flavor that people have been talking about rolling out!?

I WANT MY OLD OATS BACK!! they really don’t taste bad, or unappealing, it just came as a shock. i find myself adding nothing to them now, where I was experimenting with everything i had pre-McDonalds. check out some of the recipes I’ve posted.

ahhh, the good ol’ days…


That’s great Chris!

That’s not so great Chris. Have you moved from original vanilla to new vanilla or is it a batch to batch issue?

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Seems to be the New Vanilla experience I am adjusting to.
No worries, shakes are still super delicious…just caught off guard.


Okay great!

That is the new flavour then. Personally, I find it less oaty and more like vanilla ice cream, so it sounds like our taste buds are pretty similar.