Original Flavor 3.0 - Oh how I’ve missed you

Loving the “new” Original Flavor 3.0. Ordered it on a whim, not really expecting to keep it in rotation. Wow! I forgot how much I loved that lightly sweet “oatey” thing that it does. Totally caught me by surprise.
Anybody who came into (and enjoyed) Huel during the days when that was the one and only available flavor…you owe it to yourself to try this. It’s like the warm embrace of an old friend. My “new” favorite flavor for sure.


Been away for a bit huh? Well glad you wandered back here to share your new-found love again. :thinking: did that make sense? Did u stop using Huel during your 7-month absence?

Anyway, I haven’t tried the new original (isn’t that an oxymoron?) flavor yet. I’m assuming by your post that it might be something I should try on my next order? It sounds yummy :yum:

Well, I never stopped using Huel, but just haven’t had that flavor since it was phased out about a year ago (was it a year and 1/2 maybe?). I had adapted to and enjoyed all the updates and changes since, but I’m glad they offered this. I forgot how much I enjoyed it. You should definitely give it a try.

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I will definitely give it a try. What I find fascinating is, I saw another comment about the original flavor where they said it tasted like plain Cheerios, which I gathered they didn’t much care for. Yet you really like the exact same flavor. Proof that taste IS subjective, Q.E.D.

Thanks again for the recommendation.
Glad you returned and shared.

We are happy to hear about your newfound love! Original is back :sunglasses:

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I didn’t like the new vanilla; thought it smelled like straight up slim fast powder, and the taste wasn’t far off. I switched to the black edition chocolate as the most “tolerable” substitute. For whatever reason, BE chocolate was noticeably better than regular, even though I didn’t notice much difference at all between the two new vanilla’s. When I saw Original was back I was skeptically optimistic.

First impression was that it was the same vanilla as the new batch, just turned down a bit. But as I got farther through my bag, that new flavor started fading away and getting replaced with the old classic. The marketing for it was spot on; it’s not exactly the same, but it’s 90% of the way there. And at this point, that’s probably good enough. I don’t know if I could tell the difference anymore, and I don’t care to. I hope that flavor/texture combo never goes away again!

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Bringing back Original as close as we could to our old version was the goal & to keep a little bit of our first products available is always a good idea. Happy to hear that you are enjoying this “new” Original powder :pray:t3: