Huel H&S Disappointment (Certain Flavors)

So I finally decided to bite the bullet and try out H&S. I’ve been using Huel since it first became available in the US and I LOVE it. It’s been a life changer for me. I like the bars as well and have some more on order. I tried three flavors of the H&S (Thai Green Chili, Sweet & Sour and Spicy Indian Curry). I cannot palette the flavor of the TGC or the S&S. The Spicy Curry is decent and I can actually see myself replacing a few meals a week with this one. I have ordered more of this as well as some Mexican Chili since it’s in stock now. I wish Huel could give me a refund for the TGC and S&S. I already opened the bags so I think they are just gonna go into the garbage. I tried a few times for each on so I’m hoping the Mexican Chili will not disappoint. I think with me, it’s more of a spice thing. So others might find the TGC and S&S to their liking. I just think they taste too bland and have bad aftertastes. I will ALWYAS love my tried and true powders though! So I am appreciative of that :slight_smile:

You COULD try mixing the flavors, or adding spices/peppers to them so they don’t go to waste.
You may find that you enjoy them with a splash of hot sauce or something crazy like that…
That’s why I’ve been holding out. Too many people saying the taste is plain. At least there aren’t that many servings per bag. Who knows?

I’ve done the hot sauce and it’s OK. The flavor profile on those two is just weird (for a lack of a better description). The consistency is also better on the Indian Curry. I use it as a quick meal in the office when I am busy so I’m trying not to need to add too much stuff to it. I eat it with naan, or pita chips :slight_smile:

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S&S is one of my favorite flavors, I’d totally pay to take it off your hands if you felt like shipping it! :heart:

I have tried them all and the Mexican Chili is really the only one I like. Unfortunately I had to just throw the others out. If you add peppers and green onion to it it really works well.

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