Mmm-mmmm, why did I wait so long?!

I’m losing my faith in other’s interpretations in these forums. :triumph: I held out on trying h&s as long as I did for foolish reasons; reading reviews and they mostly mentioned no flavor, chewy pellets… Not at all. Read the labels, follow the guidelines. Easy peasy.

I’ve been using Huel White for about a year and a half now. When I started there were only chocolate and vanilla and berry. It was nice to be able to expand the flavor experience to the other choices a few months later to include salted caramel, cafe latte, banana, and peanut butter.

That said, I never thought I needed to try the BE for the added protein. I was content.

After starting a new exercise regimen this seemed a viable option, compared to purchasing extra protein powders with my supplements. These are delicious. The flavors are richer (chocolate, banana) and the Huel take on strawberry shortcake is outstanding! Tastes great with vanilla almond milk.

I also bit the bullet and bought three bags of the h&s; spicy curry, sweet n sour, coconut curry. Excellent, quick, delicious food. Not all that filling, but holds me over for a couple hours. The coconut is flavorful. Tastes of raisins, coconut, and a mild curry. Excellent lunch. The texture is great. The spiced curry has a zip. Spicy? Warm… Nice profile. Tastes of potato, lentil. The sweet n sour leaves a little to the imagination. Neither sweet or sour, but somehow a conglomeration of the two. While I was eating I kept thinking of things I was going to add to my next pot…still tasty. Just mediocre. (Diced jalapeno and a fat drop of honey do great things for this one)

Favorites in order for h&s: spicy, coconut, sweet.
For the BE shakes: strawberry, chocolate, banana

Meals made with 2 level scoops, water to recommended fill lines. Shakes and meals both have good consistency. Good mouth feel. Flavorful. Hearty. Sorry, WE…I think we’re breaking up :cry:


So glad you came over to the dark side to try Huel Black edition out :wink:
Keep us posted on your Hot & Savory journey!

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I would so swap over if I could afford it. Just got my second subscription deliver (though smaller, again due to cost), and I’m loving using Huel. Can only imagine what H&S and BE taste like. I’ve also seen all the forum post, and you’ve given me hope for the future.


thanks for the awesome information.

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