My 1st order just arrived

…in time for dinner. I was just thinking about what to make and the box was dropped off. Guess i’m having a Huel!! Here’s what i thought about the shake and 30 minutes later how that was working with my body.
The shaker is great. The lid fits securely, the mixer blended the powder and milk together well enough (there were 1 or 2 clumps, that could have been from the way that i blended the ingredients together before shaking), and it cleaned easy.
I ordered both the vanilla and chocolate, and i had the option to try a flavor booster…so i chose the chai. I had a vanilla shake tonight with 1% milk and used a teaspoon of the chai booster. The consistency was great. When i make my post-workout shakes one of the ingredients i use is a 1/3 cup rolled oats. The Huel shake tasted very similar, had a good mouth feel to it.
The flavor was delicious. I should have tried the powder alone first, but was hungry and wanted something extra tasty right then…still, the vanilla Huel shake doesn’t taste much different from any of the vanilla protein shakes that i’ve tried. And i enjoy this flavor.
i haven’t tried on the shirt yet, but the right size came. i am going to wear it to the gym tomorrow. and have another shake for breakfast!
Overall i am well pleased with my order. i will try the chocolate tomorrow as well and update this thread with any changes to my first impressions.
(there won’t be any)
i was feeling the shake as it began to be absorbed into my system. i felt on overall sense of wellness, like my body was thanking me for feeding it something other than junk! yup, I’m sticking with that for now.
didn’t have any flatulence, upset stomach, or other ill feelings.
i had some funky gas for a half hour. no other upset or vomit, anything like this.
had a chocolate shake for breakfast, tasted like a rich ice-cream shake from the malt shop. very good! hit the gym first and tried on the Huel shirt that came with my order…fits well and breathes good. i tend to perspire relatively quickly and felt comfortable enough wearing this blended fabric. I’m going to try a chocolate shake for lunch with some fresh fruit…strawberries, blueberries, and a banana. possibly some peanut butter and rolled oats.
good stuff :+1:


Yes … the shirt… it is my new fav. I wish there were more colors than black and gray available for purchase.

By the way… welcome! I’ve only been here a few weeks, but people in this community have made me feel like we’re all old friends. I love how positive and supportive the vibe is. I keep telling my friends that this is my new upgraded facebook. Hope you enjoy it as much as I have. I also hope you enjoy the Huel, so far I’m really digging it.


yup. shirt fits well. tried the chocolate shake this morning and it was delicious. tasted like Ovaltine! brought back some childhood memories…
so far Huel is working well with me. really excited to see how this program works out.
take it easy

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A small amount of cinnamon works really well in Vanilla Huel.

And for some reason, my greens powder does very well in my chocolate Huel. It’s a bizarre combo, but it works.


I agree on both counts. I will add unsweetened cocoa powder and Amazing Grass greens powder and it’s a good combo. Sometimes will do cinnamon and greens.

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i haven’t tried anything too crazy yet with the powders, but i have added the Chai flavor booster and added a couple shakes of cinnamon to that…THE FLAVOR EXPLOSION IN MY MOUTH!! ya, it was that good

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I love the chai too!

Welcome to the community and keep passing along your fave flavor combos!

grabbed a tube of peanut butter powder this morning, anxiously awaiting tomorrow morning to try this out with the chocolate Huel.

Must be nice to receive everything in your order :rage:

yes, it was nice. i take it you didn’t receive everything you paid for?! i can’t do anything about that, but tell you that you can contact customer support. i hear that they are pretty responsive. guess i haven’t needed to do that because all of the items in my order arrived with my first shipment!!
do that though, seriously. contact customer support. think they even have a link right here in the forums i saw the other day…DO IT.

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