First time trying huel

Bought Choc & Vanilla, and got the shaker and shirt. (fyi, Shirt is great quality, and shaker is great too :D)

First day I tried out Chocolate, and the initial taste is fine, but almost immediately after I get hit with this weird bitter, chemical, almost cough syrup-y aftertaste. I haven’t tried Vanilla yet, but I’m hoping that aftertaste isn’t on all of the flavors.

However, I managed to get it all down, and I did notice a serious positive difference in my energy levels. I was more alert. more awake, and felt healthier. My friends told me that vanilla, and adding ice cream syrup can work, so I’m going to try that for Monday.

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Hey @dingoposting - Welcome to the Forum! :hugs:

Thanks for sharing your experience with your first order here. Have you tried using a milk alternative instead of water? That may help switch up the flavor a bit. Keep us posted on how you continue getting on an what your thoughts on Vanilla are once you’ve tried it!