Adding sweetener to non-U/U Huel

Hi there. I ordered my first batch of Huel a while back and got a little of everything - chocolate, vanilla, and berry, as well as mocha and chai flavors and the flavor sampler. Issue is, I’m finding that Huel is just not sweet or really anything but neutral-ish tasting no matter what I do. All three primary flavors taste like they have no sweetener to me, and the flavor boosts seem to not really change anything either unless I use gobs of them (I think I used 2tsp of the chai once and it was okay, a little spicy but palatable). I had vanilla with pumpkin spice flavor boost today (the packet, so 3 grams?) and I found it basically flavorless.

I’m mixing with just water and don’t want to add significant calories by using milk or peanut butter powder or whatnot. Any recommendations for improving things? I’m considering trying some stevia drops or something to see if that helps, but what has worked for others?

I really like this Iso-Splash ® Sweet Cereal Milk, They have other flavors. No sugar, no calories. Add as many or few drops as you need.

My favorite is frozen fruit, especially Mango. But for that you need a blender. I use a little personal Oster blender. You can also give PB2 a try, with or without cocoa. Another option is Torani sugar free coffee syrups.

PB2, cocao powder, and fresh fruit are what I add for flavor with minimal nutrition impact.

I’ve taken another Huel user’s advice and use 1/2 chocolate and 1/2 vanilla, add a bit of milk (whatever kind you use), and sprinkle on cinnamon and real vanilla with a small squirt of honey. I also put in a few ice cubes if I want it colder. The blender really helps make a smooth milkshake. Delicious.

The cold brew coffee (regular or decaf) has been a real hit for me. I do 8 ounces of cold brew, a little bit of oat milk, then my huel, then blend.

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