There is no flavor in the “flavor boost”! 🙅🏼‍♀️

I purchased and received four bags of unsweetened/unflavored Huel along with three bags of flavor boosters: banana, cappuccino, and chocolate. I’ve tried the flavors and have not tasted a difference AT ALL. There is a strong smell which I assume is suppose to trick the mind that you aren’t consuming the same thing everyday? Besides there being a variance in fragrance, there isn’t a change at all. Unless I happened to get a bad batch (of all three flavors) I do not recommend purchasing the flavor boosts, unfortunately.

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The flavor boosts are designed for Vanilla Huel and not the Unsweetened/Unflavored? Have you tried adding more of the flavor boost? The chocolate in particular likely needs more than recommended (even with vanilla). The banana you don’t want to over-do but you still will need extra when using with UU. I don’t like coffee so didn’t order the cappuccino.

I’d try going with a scant tablespoon for the chocolate and 1.5 teaspoons with banana and adjust from there.

Hi @Amanda_Marie,

Flavor Boosts were develop the compliment the taste of Huel Vanilla. You can certainly use Flavor Boosts with Unflavored/Unsweetened Huel but we suggest using twice the amount of flavor boost with U/U.


I feel tricked by the sample boost flavour I tried that had so much flavour. When I bought the full product it had no smell and no flavour even after 4 spoonfuls! It even says on the full product to use the same amount as the 150g pouches which is half to one teaspoon. this truly is misleading and Misselling in my opinion. Maybe Huel need to make the flavours the same consistently as the sample and reflect it in the price. That way people know what they are getting.

@Liamcarbery Sorry to hear you are having issues with your flavor boost.

To help avoid any confusion for other readers I wanted to mention there are not flavor boost samples in the US and this post must concern the UK. You may find more discussion on the UK offerings on the UK Forum.

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