The taste of PB and Chocolate Black Edition

No. Gracias. I haven’t Hueled since the first roll out of vanilla, when you could only get that and u/u. The taste and texture were acceptable enough to order another round, and I found it to be really useful when life got extremely hectic.

I am back after 2-3 years and thought the black edition seemed compelling. I was excited to try it because I read good things about the first chocolate Huel when it came out. Oh dear. I hate to say it - this stuff is not good. I really don’t like the taste of rice protein powder, and that flavor seems to dominate the palate. With the PB especially, there is a wave of sweet that hits after the PB taste is gone and the bitterness still resides (from PB + bitter to bitter + a sweetness that seems incompatible with the rest of the experience). The chocolate is better if turned into more of a pudding consistency than a shake.

I made a smoothie this morning with a scoop of the PB, and as long as I added enough ingredients to completely cover the taste (a lot of banana, actual PB, vanilla almond milk, cinnamon, etc.), it was ok. I don’t intend to buy this again and now feel reticent to try any of the other black edition flavors.

Hey @UniqueMT-BC,

So Happy to Hear that you have hopped back on the Huel train after being off it for so many years, but bummed to hear it did not take you to the station you wanted to go to.

Based on our ingredients we don’t have any flavors that don’t include rice proteins in some capacity, but that does not mean that we don’t have a flavor you would be into!

Your recipe idea sounds phenomenal and I would love to try it myself! One pro tip I would give if you are trying to add sweetness to your PB Huel is to add a bit of agave to it. I find it mixes with Huel really well and adds an additional delicious flavor!

If you feel like you need further help or want to talk to someone on our CX team please email us at where we can offer more pro tips, recommendations, and other fun bits that might make you fall in love with Huel again :blush:

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Thanks, Maksim for the reply. Did the original vanilla have rice protein in it as well? Maybe a different amount? I don’t remember tasting it.

I would like to amend my initial post and say that the chocolate flavor is much more palatable if I add some additional unsweetened cocoa powder and extra stevia. I could drink a whole shake of that. So I would be willing to maybe try out some new black edition flavors in the future. I really want this to work, too, because some days (including today) are stacked in a way that makes sitting down to proper meals pretty impossible. Plus I work in a hospital, and I imagine my fellow healthcare workers would agree that breaks don’t always happen. Huel has saved my butt in the past.

Hey @UniqueMT-BC,
We have always used brown rice protein in our formulation!

Glad that you are enjoying the chocolate! We really want Huel to work for you too. I completely understand how as a hospital worker Huel can be a gamechanger. Additionally, we really appreciate you working in the front lines, especially during these difficult times, and want you to eat a nutritionally complete meal that you enjoy and look forward to!

Drop us an email at or DM us on social media and someone on our team will be able to help you out in terms of flavour selection and your Huel journey in general :blush:

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3 meals in less than 10 mins. Including cleanup.

1 scoop Banana, 1 scoop Vanilla, and 2 scoops ea. of PB & Choc. (all black edition) add raw honey to taste (I use approx 2 tblsp +) and blend with ice until desired consistency is reached. I like a thick, milkshake myself. It doesn’t get much better than that, imo.