The taste of Black Edition chocolate

The Black Edition chocolate flavour doesn’t take like chocolate. It just sort of tastes like, well, nothing.
Is this just me?

I’m sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy the taste of Chocolate Black Edition, if you found the powder to be too bland, we would suggest personalising the powder to suit your tastes, maybe adding some cocoa, different flavour syrups, or blending with fruit.

If you’re really struggling to adapt the powder to you, then please contact to see what the team can do to help!

@Londoner It is not you it is Huel. I’ve had chocolate in BE, V3.1, and Essential. None of them tastes remotely like chocolate. As a chocolate lover it’s disappointing. Over the years I’ve used countless protein powders and meal replacement shakes and Huel is the only one that can’t get chocolate to taste like chocolate

@CharlotteF_Huel maybe Huel should add cocoa to the chocolate flavors…just saying

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The cookies and cream tastes like chocolate. :grin:

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I agree, cookies and cream BE is my favorite. And it blends nicely with a smooth consistence.

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I just tried chocolate Black Edition for the first time. I don’t dislike it. The flavor is very mild, which might be conducive to mixing with fruit, nut milk, flavor additives, etc. I think next time I’ll throw in a packet of instant coffee.

It tastes like a bitter sweetless oreo cookie shell without the cream. I wanted to get huel black chocolate but dont know who to believe now!

BE cookies n cream tastes more like chocolate to me

Weird it tasted nothing like chocolate to me

@Obsydian not very chocolately but more so than the actual chocolate flavor.