Poor taste and smell. (Choc. Black edt)

I am a brand new Huel user and I was super excited to try such a well rounded protein powder/meal replacement. Apparently I had the wrong expectations. My major issue is with the taste. I ordered the black edition chocolate flavor.
To start it smells quite odd, I’m not sure if that is intended or it’s the packaging. I just mixed up 90g and gave it a try. This is very earthy and bland. There is a slight hint of chocolate on the finish but that’s it. It’s also rather clumpy after extensive shaking. I shouldn’t have to blend my protein powder.

I understand how many great ingredients are in this product and the quality as well so I didn’t expect this to taste like a Hersey bar but I didn’t expect it to taste like dirt either. By dirt I mean earthy, bland and grainy.

I’ve used optimum nutrition and orgain brands in the past and the flavor was excellent. I’m not saying this is undrinkable or it’s the worst thing ever, I don’t like going to extremes but it just does not taste good. I’m stuck now after spending $80+ on protein that doesn’t taste good. After reviewing their return policy I noticed you can’t return any opened products which is disappointing. Seems like there should be some sort of satisfaction guarantee.

At the very least they should offer sample packs so we could try it before we buy it. If those exist I missed it on the website. They also offer flavor packs which looking back is a red flag.

I’m just really let down, I was excited to try this and finally find a solid protein. It’s strange because I’m seeing mixed reviews on the flavor, some say they love it and it’s very chocolaty and others agree with me. Wonder if there were some bad batches perhaps? Really strange and disappointing. Is this a normal experience? Have others noticed this as well? Is the vanilla a better choice?

I switched to chocolate black edition and never clumps when shaking with cold water and I love the chocolate taste and seems to keep me feeling filled more than regular.


I’m normally an unflavored and unsweetened kind of guy, but I figured I’d give the chocolate black edition a shot as well. The first couple of times, the flavor was a little strange, but I swear it started tasting better. Either that or I stopped expecting it to taste like those chocolate protein powders that are basically candy.

Optimum nutrition is 100% whey/protein, and they load it up with unhealthy chemicals like sucralose and acesulfame potassium to make it taste sweet. I would not compare or base the taste of Huel to it, nor the ability to blend it well. Huel is not a protein powder. It is a complete nutritious meal with an adequate serving of protein. With all the extra fats, carbs, vitamins, and minerals, it will never taste like whey.

I would suggest doctoring your Huel up. Try adding coffee powder and 100% cocoa. Or make it with a little milk and/or whey.