My experience with Huel Black

I am extremely happy and pleasantly satisfied with both the quality and the taste of my Huel Black.
I use it daily along with another unflavored protein powder. Unfortunately, the plant-based proteins in Huel don’t really cover the necessary spectrum of nutrients I am looking for, so I am having to boot it up with some whey protein powder; I wish we had an option to have some Huel booster of that nature or a different version of Huel that tastes as delicious as Huel Black edition, protein-based (see Huel Black edition again), with a bit fewer carbs, and a more substantial protein content (not just plant-based), so that it would make life a bit easier for people like me that train a lot and need those extra nutrients.
I am very happy with Huel, and the flavor is outstanding, which is why I stuck with it and will keep buying it; I am super picky when it comes to this kind of products and flavor, and it’s worth both the money and having to boot it just because of that.
I am constantly recommending it to everyone, and I am happy to share my experience and my thoughts about it with anyone who is interested in listening. :slight_smile:

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Nice! I just use Huel Black, and I’m super happy with it too. I’ve only managed to get one convert so far though.


Same, black only for me as well. Just wish they’d add :strawberry: flavor for variety. Until then, I’ll spice it up with flavor boosters!

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I’m happier than a ham with Huel Black. My only suggestion would be to bring more flavors to the US (cough cough, banana). The flavor boosters make my bowels unhappy, so I’m hoping for more variety.


I guess they listened to us with coffee caramel!

Does anyone go hungry with this? Less carbs im assuming makes you hungrier, especially after workouts.

I don’t… I actually feel more satiated with black than with regular.

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I use exclusively Black. I have vanilla, chocolate and coffee. I experience hunger only after several hours of consuming Huel. I sometimes get food cravings, but not legitimate hunger.


It varies from person to person & how many calories they are accustomed to eating per meal. If they are used to eating more than 400 calories per meal then our shakes may still leave them a little hungry. The version you choose is very important too & how your body metabolizes certain things. If you are still hungry after having a shake, try having the shake with milk or add fresh fruit in a blender!


Yup… Fruits, green powder, etc. can make a huge difference.


Have you looked into using wheat germ?

Just switched to BE myself after using white for 1 1/2 yrs…it is good stuff.

When im using Huel on my exercise days i throw my supplements into the shakes. So far, so good. That might also ‘fill you up’ a bit more for a time.

If you like the h&s, have a serving of that w/a shake.

Good stuff

You can also just make a bigger shake. Huel used to figure their nutrition info into 500 calorie servings rather than 400, added to 25 oz of water rather than 17.

My 2 cent’s on flavors:

Banana is a winner. 4.5/5

Salted Carmel is… meh. 2.5/5
Coffee is awful. 2/5
Peanut Butter is just THE WORST. 0.5/5

I’ve only tried Huel White in Chocolate, Vanilla and Unflavored. I’d rank those 4, 3.5 and 1.

Looking forward to the strawberry.