HUEL Black Chocolate Smells

Not sure if anyone else is getting stinky odor from Huel Black Chocolate flavor. Taste good but smells like stinky feet. Vanilla is fine no odor and tastes so much better than the white vanilla. Let me know about Black chocolate.

I have been using Huel Black Chocolate for weeks now, and never noticed anything like this.

No strange odor from the chocolate I ordered.

Love the taste and no odor or smells.

I don’t know about the stinky feet smell but mine definitely smells off. This is my first time using Huel (huel black chocolate) and it smells slightly sour. I’m not sure if this is intended but it also doesn’t taste very good. Very earthy with a hint of chocolate. I know this product is better for you than mainstream protein brands but it does not taste or smell very good. I don’t need/want a sugar bomb for a protein powder but I’m starting to understand why they sell flavor packs now.

I’m not sure that there is any way to avoid earthiness when the first three ingredients are pea protein, ground flaxseed and brown rice protein.

Do you work for Huel? Every opinion someone presents regarding flavor you immediately have a counter. I’m new to the brand and this forum but all the posts I have seen you respond to regarding to taste are contrarian. Multiple people have posted about the lack of flavor, taste and consistency. It just seems odd that you have a rebuttal to every post. Are people not allowed to not like the taste or smell of this product? Do we have to be long time users before we offer our opinion? Seems like the following is very strong here which is great to see but if anyone offers any other opinion than stellar they seem to be “corrected.” Very odd. @Desert_Way

I don’t work for Huel, and I actually thought I was agreeing with you. Huel IS earthy. I was just noting why. I didn’t mean to come on that strong. Sorry.

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Huel Black has no artificial sweetener in it like the main Huels. It could be you’re not use to unsweetened things, or just have high expectations for something mainly consisting of bland food like brown rice. You can try adding some of your of own sweetener to it, like cocoa, cinnamon, honey, fruit, sugar, brown sugar, etc, and see if that helps.