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With my first order bought 4 bags of Huel (2 vanilla, 1 berry, 1 chocolate). My plan was to eat Huel for breakfast and lunch while at work. I liked the nutritional profile and ease of the product. I’ve also tried numerous protein shakes and meal replacements over the years with vegan being my favorite kind. Honestly, I’ve never had one that I thought was great tasting and my only expectation is that they are tolerable. Today I tried it for the first time, I had the vanilla for breakfast and the berry for lunch… guys, I could barely get it down. I was also hungry 3 hours later after each. I went to spin class after work as usual and felt like I was going to be sick because I was so hungry and could not wait to eat real food! I didn’t buy any of the flavor boosts because none of the flavors really jumped out at me. How am I going to get through these bags? Also, why am I starving today? 800 calories should be more than enough to get me through spin class as this is about what I eat in food during the day. Dinner afterwards being my biggest meal of the day of about 800 calories but I could have literally eaten double that tonight.

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Oh no Jess :frowning:

What is it about the flavour you don’t like and how do you have your Huel e.g. how long does it take you to consume a Huel meal? Also, what have you eaten previously, are you now consuming less calories?

Are you drinking plenty of water with it? This time of year you could also try green tea. The protein in the Huel should stabilize your blood sugar and the water provides a feeling of satiety. Green tea curbs your appetite and boosts the metabolism.

Happy to report that Day 2 went much better! This morning I had chocolate for the first time. I used 20oz of water total (3oz more than before) and I also used ice this time. I thought the consistency was much more my preference and I definitely liked it colder. However, I thought the chocolate flavor was pretty good on it’s own. I drink shakes pretty fast, over the course of 5-10 minutes. I don’t think that was an issue. But, I decided to swap my larger food meal for lunch instead of dinner. I felt much better going into spin class this evening. For now, I’m eating about the same calories each day as I was before. But, I think only 2 Huel meals in the 11 hours I’m awake and at work before I go to spin isn’t enough for me personally. Post workout I had the vanilla again. The additional water and ice made it much better, although it’s still not my preference. I’m excited to try berry again tomorrow to see how it tastes with more water and ice. I’ll continue to tweak it and maybe try some flavor boosts in the future. Overall, I’m happy because I really wanted Huel to work for me! :smile:

Thanks. I try to drink 80oz to 100oz of water a day aside from water I mix with shakes or my morning coffee. I think the consistency and temp were wrong for me yesterday because the changes I made today made it much better. The chocolate was good today and the vanilla better than yesterday, although vanilla just isn’t my favorite. I’m excited to try berry again tomorrow to see if it’s better. What flavor do you put green tea in?

Thanks for the detail. Sounds like you’ve cracked it! If anything else pops up send your questions our way, sometimes it’s a bit of trial and error.

Hahaha–sorry, I wasnt clear, I drink the green tea on its own not in the Huel,to curb appetite.

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