The news ticker at the top of the site gives me a headache

I just signed up to pass this on. The fast-moving white-on-black news ticker at the top of the main sign is so bad that I have to use my hand to cover the screen (because you can’t make it go away by scrolling). This isn’t a complaint about not liking it (I don’t care about ads or announcements), but I just want to pass on this feedback in case it affects anyone else who isn’t willing to sign up on the forums to mention it. It makes me not want to use


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I agree. It’s irritation and little to no value.

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Hi @RabidHobbit - Welcome to the forum!

I’m so sorry to hear this and will certainly pass along the feedback to the proper team. Would a pause button on that ticker be for if you wanted to stop the motion be something that may fix this issue for you if I were to suggest that as a possible solution?

A pause button would work great. Or even just an animation change from fast sliding text to fade in, or something like that. Maybe there are other ideas someone will think of. Thank you very much for the reply.

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I’ve noticed if you click the < or > on the side of the ticker, it stops or pauses the ticker. Does it for you?

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Yeah, actually it does! It starts up again when I visit a new page, but that’s fine because I can just click it again before I try to read all the information.

Thanks for the tip.


A general rule of thumb for modern and accessibility web design discourages the use of marquee tags or elements that screen readers don’t know how to interpret. Introduction to Web Accessibility | Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) | W3C. I spent 3 years on a government contract to redesign web pages to be fully compliant with this standard. It was an illuminating experience.

For USA government web sites, this stuff is law, but hardly ever enforced. It does help to reach the largest number of users out there. That’s the practical reason to code web sites that way.

Thanks for all the input here! It’s very helpful! And thank you, @Flynn_Cycle for that link - accessibility is so important and sometimes on the web it can be overlooked. Rest assured I’ll be following up on this and doing my best to make sure we’re keeping our website as welcoming as possible for everyone who visits it :blush:

I’ve passed the suggestion for a clearer pause feature to be added so :crossed_fingers:

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