"Edit" and "Skip" UI change suggestion

It would be insanely helpful if the “Edit” and “Skip” functions on the “Manage Subscriptions and Orders” had button borders around the text like “Add to Box” and “Hide Delivery” do.

I kept reading it as “Edit Skip” and not as “Edit” and “Skip”. Simple box around each word would have saved me a great deal of time since I don’t visit the site very often and couldn’t remember how to change my order.


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Thanks for the feedback! I’ll throw this over to my tech team for a review <3

I agree. I found out they were different links just by mousing over them. They change color and go to a different URL but it’s not very clear at all. To expand upon what @EricVaughen posted. How about something like this? @Tyler_Huel - I expanded on the above recommendation. Something like the image below.

Looks good to me… I would have opted for the black text on the white background since it more in keeping with the “Add to box” button… since those buttons are related.

I agree. I have updated the image.