My lord... This site is killing me slowly

Huel’s website is absolutely atrocious. Seriously, you guys need to hire someone that can make the site user friendly. As an example, requiring two accounts to post in the forums (one for main Huel site, and another log in for the forum (even if one can use the same credentials, it is dumb as can be to have to go through another account creation process).
In addition, I cannot edit or delete a subscription. Going to my order history shows “Subscription”, but “Subscription” page shows “You Have No Active Subscriptions”. Uh what? Some help pages show an option to “Edit/Delete”, yet I’ve not seen that at all.

I remember the last time I had to edit a subscription (had to push the deliveries a bit as I wasn’t going through the Huel as quickly as expected), and it was a real pain.

Anywho, the site is ridiculous (Chrome and Firefox, just in case browser compatibility is suspected) and needs to be modified.


But do you know what’s not killing you? Heart disease. Thanks to Huel.

You’re welcome.

But in all seriousness, sorry to hear about your subscription issues.


Sorry for any troubles! We are always looking to improve our customer experience and we appreciate this feedback. If you have anything specific that I can assist you with now, please let me know.

I wouldn’t absolutely say it’s absolutely atrocious, it’s a professional-looking website without any typos or misspellings (that I’ve found). I agree, it is silly to have to create a separate log-in for the forums, and the subscription editing (and ordering in general) isn’t the easiest, but it seems like Huel is working on the website and they can only make improvements if we tell them what needs to change. I’d be interested to see what type of replies Huel would get if they started a “website suggestions” thread. Probably a lot of similar complaints/suggestions.