General feature requests, possible bugs, and UX concerns

A few suggestions from a UX designer! I think a lot of these issues are related to how quickly you guys are expanding to new countries, (especially America and our stupid measurement system and nutritional labeling requirements) but I wanted to bring them up just in case.

General UX Issues

  • Logging out of the discourse website does not log you out of the Huel website, or vice-versa. I’m assuming it wasn’t intended to for database reasons, but users may be confused by this.

  • Log out button at is hard to find.

  • Logging in is also awkward since ‘My Account’ indicates you’re already logged in :wink:


  • Date posted or last reply date on the post listings would be nice.

  • Adjust the results order when searching strings (Searching ‘Weight Gain’ displays results mentioning ‘Weight’ before results mentioning ‘Weight Gain’)

  • More forum categories. (Psst. weight gain or bulking?)

  • An optional, automatic metric/imperial converter for posts would be super helpful. Not sure if each country has their own forum or if its global, but this would make things easier all around.

Possible bugs/cache issues

* Navigating to the Huel forums from a Google search does not log you in, even if you’re logged in on another window. It will also not allow you to log in with Facebook when reached this way. (tested on Chrome)

* Searching google for Huel forum posts displays many more results than when searching from an already logged-in window. Once navigated to the forums from Google, searching from that version of the forums will display the same results from Google (but you can’t log-in to respond because of the bug mentioned before.)

URLs looked the same, but maybe there’s something going on depending on country?

Example: Searching ‘ADHD’ from the forum page, while logged in, only displays one result. Searching ‘Huel ADHD’ on Google displays many results. Clicking on one will take you to the post, and from there using the search button to find ‘ADHD’ will display all the results seen on Google.

My mistake, the URLs are indeed different. The google results I was seeing were from not

With that in mind, it would be nice to be able to see/search those forum posts from this site, as there is a lot more content on that one and they tend to pop up on Google first. Plus navigating to that one on accident is confusing :flushed:.

Huel product

  • Nutritional information on the bag is confusing. Servings aren’t presented on the bag the way they are on the site.

  • The scoop has a tiny, hard to see, upside down(?) number, but it uses metric units while the bag uses imperial. Plus, the scoop never perfectly equals the serving size suggestion once converted.

  • It’s never indicated anywhere on the bag/shaker how many servings the shaker comfortably holds.

  • 5 parts water to one part Huel is confusing because of the serving size/scoop disparity, and the whole metric/imperial unit mixture thing going on.