Huel logo on facebook links

When i post links to in comments on facebook they automatically include a thumbnail that probably comes from the first image on the page. However, it’s scaled in such an odd way: “ue” is all that you can see.

Can someone who cares about the site please fix this less than ideal situation for the brand?

Interestingly, i replied to an inquiry on how to have a vegan diet with a link to and the next comment was a link to soylent- their thumbnail showed their product. (It tastes like the bottom of a spackle bucket, but has a decent marketing team, eh?)

Yeah, Soylent has been around longer so they’ve had more time to work out their kinks. Now the latest Soylent media are articles showing government working having to resort to feeding their families Soylent due to budget constraints during the gov’t shutdown. I feel bad for those families. Not only is it unfair to be forced to work without pay, but they never asked for this shutdown. It’s hurting the wrong people.

As a brainstorming session, I am wondering if there is some kind of crowd-funding thing where people could donate bags of Huel to gov’t workers missing their paychecks during the temporary shutdown. I’d donate to that. It would help people and get the name of Huel out there.

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You’re not the first to ask for well placed donations to fund huel-based support programs.

I am never going to get/ give the referral bonus, but it could be nice if someone who needs it got a free bag for every 6 that i purchase. I know huel has their own programs, but it would be nice if the was greater transparency to how we are literally participating in making Huel a force for good in the world. :slight_smile:


Ooo, a free bag to someone in need for every ___ we buy.

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Heyo! Can you share a screenshot of the error you see?

Example on the latest huel page/post

We create thousands of ads almost weekly…any links/screenshots would be appreciated!

this one

… or just comment on facebook with a link to

I see what you mean! Yeah I’ll chat with our team and see what we can do. Thanks for pointing out!

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