The Huel Revolution

Recently got to become a member of the Huel Revolution and I could not be more excited! I was skeptical at first, but after trying my first cup of Huel, I could literally feel myself becoming healthier by the second. Not only am I saving the environment, but I’m pretty sure this stuff has got me on track to finally becoming a Super Saiyan.

Pretty soon, my entire diet will be nothing but Huel and I’ll be able to destroy my enemies by simply thinking about it. Anyone who says otherwise is scared of the truth and power of Huel


Bob, really digging your enthusiastic words. Keep on keepin’ on it :sunglasses:! As us Huelers are Hueled up to attain optimal results.

I am unfamiliar with Super Saiyan mode. Can you please describe quantitatively your thermal output during this event?

Edit: are you busy for the next 1-2 epochs?

Love the Dragon Ball Z refenece in your comment :sunglasses: Over 9000!

@bobsimmons, is it fine if we all start calling you Goku on here?