Astounding results

Im just blown away. 2 months with huel has changed my life. 32 pounds lost. Blood pressure went from 145/95 down to 118/70. My very sad once a week workout has become an intense workout almost every day. I just feel so much better that i can’t help but to train my butt off. I do 3 shakes a day, a handful of almonds and an apple or banana. I also ditched the soda pop for habiscus tea and the coffee for hot oolong tea. About every 2 weeks i go out and eat whatever I want and have beers. Doesn’t even slow down my progress. I’d really like to thank the creators of this product. I feel like if i hadn’t found it i wouldn’t have been around much longer. Also the customer service is amazing. I received a damaged bag in the mail. They responded the next morning and i had a new bag in a few days. Just wanted to share this because i truly believe huel is saving my life right now. I will be a subscriber for life.


Thank you for sharing your experience, Jonas and congrats on all the progress! Hearing stories like yours are why we do what we do!

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Sounds like you’ve found the perfect balance, @Jonas_Smash!