The Huel gave me the ruuuunnnnsss

I just got my Huel today and tried it. I love the flavor and I’m full, but it gave me the sh*ts! I was in the toilet all day for like 5 hours. I was screaming too! Has anyone else had this experience before?

How much did you have?

Some people claim to have suffered looseness when they first transition to huel, which is why they suggest doing it slowly.

Personally, I’ve not had that problem.

Never had anything close to that happen, if anything quite the opposite with all the fiber

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At first I did have an increase in the frequency of bowel movements, but it was not diarrhea. My body adjusted quickly.

How many scoops in your dose? Added anything else to it?

Try a round of probiotics and enzmes for a week, this problem will go away as your gut bacteria adapts. At least that’s how it works for me when switching to different powders.

Me to, I can’t take it as it give me the mega runs, and I have been caught out twice when I’ve been out which was most embarrassing. I left off taking it for a while and tried it again today with the same results and couldn’t quite make the bathroom. I have just taken 2 Imodium to hopefully cure my affliction. Sorry Huel, I’m afraid that its not for me, next stop the bin. I just of well put £45 down the toilet which I think I’ve just done

Hey, give it one last week to try bc i stop getting the runs. I’m guessing your body has to get used to it.

Well… although his GI track may adapt by then, it may also be a rough week to get there. I can’t blame him for giving up on it at this point. He’s tried it twice and clearly there’s a temporal relationship between consuming Huel and the “adverse effect”. As healthy and economical as Huel is, noone wants to $**t their pants over it.

Sorry, @len403 it didn’t work for you. Yeah, I wouldn’t risk it anymore. Maybe there’s another meal replacement out there that won’t do this to you. It’s gotta be the fiber content that’s doing it to you. Maybe look for something will limited fiber and probably something that doesn’t have flaxseed in it. If I were a betting man, I’d put money on the flaxseed fiber causing most of your symptoms.

@BenV @len403 I had the same problem when I first started Huel. Made me shit like a goose. Everyone’s body is different, but the solution for me was to drink it slowly. I was drinking the entire thing in 5 - 10 minutes at first. I started taking it with me and sipping it over 30 - 45 minutes and the problem went away.

That’s how I found out; I just drank it slowly.