Extreme Sports (bathroom edition)

Yesterday was the first time since I started Huel some year ago or so that I thought about/tried going something close to %100 Huel for my diet.

I spent much of the day on the toilet with painful movements.

Question would be: is there no way to tone down on the amount of fiber in a serving? I’ve solidly been consuming 2 servings, 3 on days of higher activity/exercise, a day for my tenure thus far and, after a year, still have bad gas. I ate 4 shakes yesterday and found my threshold.

Reading the forums regularly I see that this is troubling for some consumers, too, still, and wanted to know if there could be a “fiber light” version for users sensitive to the abdominal stressors of high fiber (explosive gases, distressing movements).


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I second this. One of the major drawbacks of this product is the gas and sometimes uncomfortable feeling from all the fiber. This applies more here in the US, where we’re not used to these large amounts of fiber.

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Hi There,
Ive been using Huel for some months now and suffer with major wind volume!! I have started to drink pepermint tea and find it helps a lot.

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I do be missing my tea…drinking WAY too much caffeine as of late.
Es no bueno

Hey @nachosalad78,
No low fiber Huel just yet! If you ever decide to go 100% Huel I really suggest working your way up to it!
Start off by having one Huel a day for a week, then moving up to two the second week and 3 the third week and so on and so forth.
Going 100% Huel out of the blue will definitely be tough in terms of adjusting to ye old fiber!

Duuuuude, I’ve been using Huel for just over a year…:unamused:

This was the first time I’d tried using more than usual. 2 to 3 a day has been my thing since beginning. After running 4 that day i had to do some soul searching as my butt fell off…

A low fiber alternative would be super :+1:

This is why I stopped drinking Huel. I personally think it’s more than just the total amount of fiber. One serving has 6 grams of fiber, which isn’t much at all. My favorite protein shake (earthchimp) has 5 grams of fiber per serving and it doesn’t give me any of the effects of Huel. I suspect it has to do with the breakdown between soluble and insoluble fiber (too much soluble?) but I haven’t seen that info anywhere so I don’t really know.

Huh. The ingredients seem legit, no allergies to any. Maybe it’s the overall profile of the blend therein.
I’ve tried a few shake options and this is the only one with butt troubles attached.
At high doses, i should add. No troubles maintaining at moderate levels. Just not going 100% any time soon.

So the opposite has actually occurred for me long run. When I started my body was in hard adjustment mode for about a whole week, but after that week not only do I digest Huel efficiently, everything else goes through smoother. I don’t have ANY stomach/intestinal issues now. Colon cancer runs in the family so having the gut clear and loaded with probiotics is a huge plus for me. After the adjustment period you should be more than fine actually.

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