Looooooooooose bum after Huel!

Sorry for the basic level of the post but I am suffering bumsplosions after each dose of Huel I am consuming. 3 scoops 1 x daily for lunch. Vanilla Gluten Free (both the new version and the old version). No flavouring. Sensible, light meals otherwise, eg Chicken and salad, nothing out of the ordinary.

Is this supposed to happen? I am using Huel as part of a weight loss regime but this is ridiculous! :smile:

Iโ€™m not a doctor but it is most likely your body just getting used to the change in diet. I eat it at least twice a day and it took me a week or two for my body to adjust, but it did adjust.

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It took me a while to adjust as well, I find that having Huel with a small amount of solid food/veggies/fruit helps. In addition, I drink my Huel mixed with a LOT of water, and I find that is really helpful. Higher fiber diets require more water to prevent bowel upset because the fiber acts like a sponge and pulls water into the bowel. It goes away though, I promise haha

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Iโ€™m on huel twice a day plus the granola once a day. Iโ€™ve experienced some urgency but itโ€™s occasional and manageable.