The grid in a Huel bottle

The grid that comes in a Huel bottle has a little “grip” on top. It looks like when this plastic part is molded it leave a small hole on the underside. Look at this grid on my two bottle I noticed it is off-color … I think the powder gets in this recess and does not come out.

So, is this a health (food safety) issue because I can’t seem to keep this little recess clean? I clean the bottle by putting a little bit of dish soap in the bottle, adding hot water and shaking it (just as hard as I do when mixing).

Maybe I’m just over-thinking this???

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i haven’t seen any issues myself… but then again, everyone is different. if you’re really worried about it, keep a toothpick or pushpin to flick the residue out before adding your soap?

good luck!

I see the same issue and have the same concerns.

I have two bottles, so two grids. One is clear and clean. The other has a light brown color in the little indentation and I can tell there is something in there.

I am able to get “stuff” out with a very, very thin sewing needle … a toothpick is way to big to get in this crevice.

I’m soaking it in hot water now. I’m also wondering if I can put a dab of caulk in the hole … something food safe, but not sure what.

I haven’t tried another bottle yet but you could try a bottle with a shaker ball.

good idea, i don’t know what you could use. let me know if something works for you, i’ve tolerated it thus far, as it doesn’t seem to stay “dirty” - one day the grid hole will have stuff in it, the next, it’s gone.

Hey @ClemsonDad, did you ever find a resolution to this? It’s getting a little old finding a paper clip at work everyday to clear the tiny pieces out, lol.

Those grids have always been poor for mixing any sort of protein powders I’ve used previously. Not only are they hard to clean, they don’t actually mix the shake that well. That being said, I love Huel’s shaker bottles because they are bigger than most and that means more space for water. I had previous blender bottles I purchased that came with wire whisk balls, much easier to clean and it mixes the shake better.

Considering the good Huel has done for my nutrition, a 6$ investment was a no brainer. Hope this helped!

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Thanks, @chris945. I really don’t mind the mesh itself. I actually think it mixes pretty well for me. But most days a few specks of Huel will get trapped in the tiny pinhole recess on the bottom and it’s not easy to get out. I’ve thought about trying the whisk balls and may buy some to see how I like them.

I’m a big fan of BlenderBottle’s wire shaker thing, and generally find it’s better, but there’s one exception: When I don’t have cold enough water and need to add ice cubes, it’s MUCH easier to drink with Huel’s grid thing holding the ice cubes back. In the blender bottle, the ice cubes end up in the spout and I can barely get any huel out… or I get a mouthful of ice with my huel…

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I cleaned the little hole completely, washed the grid and dried it with a blow dryer. Then I filled the hole with hot melt glue … that has stayed in for three months now. I also got a couple more bottles and did the glue when they were brand new.