The grid in a Huel bottle


The grid that comes in a Huel bottle has a little “grip” on top. It looks like when this plastic part is molded it leave a small hole on the underside. Look at this grid on my two bottle I noticed it is off-color … I think the powder gets in this recess and does not come out.

So, is this a health (food safety) issue because I can’t seem to keep this little recess clean? I clean the bottle by putting a little bit of dish soap in the bottle, adding hot water and shaking it (just as hard as I do when mixing).

Maybe I’m just over-thinking this???


i haven’t seen any issues myself… but then again, everyone is different. if you’re really worried about it, keep a toothpick or pushpin to flick the residue out before adding your soap?

good luck!


I see the same issue and have the same concerns.


I have two bottles, so two grids. One is clear and clean. The other has a light brown color in the little indentation and I can tell there is something in there.

I am able to get “stuff” out with a very, very thin sewing needle … a toothpick is way to big to get in this crevice.

I’m soaking it in hot water now. I’m also wondering if I can put a dab of caulk in the hole … something food safe, but not sure what.


I haven’t tried another bottle yet but you could try a bottle with a shaker ball.


good idea, i don’t know what you could use. let me know if something works for you, i’ve tolerated it thus far, as it doesn’t seem to stay “dirty” - one day the grid hole will have stuff in it, the next, it’s gone.