New bottles unclean


I’ve been using the new bottles for a while. I like the shape of the new bottles over original shakers. However, no matter how I clean the new bottles, there’s always a gross yellow green color at the bottom and tiny dark grinds I couldn’t wash off.
I haven’t had this problem with my other dishes.

Today, after cleaning the new bottles, I put in plain water and drank from them. There was a gross taste and I had to spit out.

Is anyone else experiencing this? How do you handle it?

Thanks and best.

??? Nah man In fact I find the bottles so easy to clean with just a simple rinse. I have never had anything stick to the insides. No clumping powder, no residue left over.

I recommend not leaving bottles for hours on end while open and letting it dry in there. I usually rinse them within a few hours tops. Also I have never once used anything other than huel powder and water in the bottles. If you are using something else, like milk, then maybe that’s your issue?

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Hey @piffgrim,
Sorry, this has been your experience with our new shaker! I sometimes will leave a little soap at the bottom of it and let it soak overnight but this should not be happening generally. Please drop our team an email at so we can look into this for you :two_hearts:

I’ve been using Huel for a little while and really like the bottle. It never leaks, It’s easy to drink from and honestly I think easy to clean. I usually just need a quick rinse? I only use water with my Huel. I will add some berries, peanut butter powder, or mint or something like that but still never a problem getting it clean and still smells “fresh”?

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I have found it is best to clean any container you use to mix huel immediately after drinking the mix. The flax seed dry’s and sticks quickly so a quick rinse right away will keep this from happening.

Thank you for the responses!