Various scoop size idea (150kcal scoop)

Could we get different scoop sizes? What if we could add or choose what size scoops we wanted with our orders? even if they cost a little bit extra.

I think a 150 calorie scoop would be great (for a 300cal huel).
I really like having a 200cal snack size huel, but sometimes i wish i had a bit more.
400cal sometimes seems tough for my system to handle, though i’m still new to huel.
i’ve heard 1 cup is about 500cal, but i’m not quite sure how to measure that out to 300cal easily, without using a scale.

The great thing about having a 150cal scoop, along with the regular scoop, would be that you can combine them for certain calorie portions too. 150/200/300/350/400/450/500 etc. by combining the different scoop sizes.

I know this is a simple / silly thing, but i think it’d make hueling a lot simpler / more enjoyable.
Thoughts? Ideas? Support?

P.S. Any aftermarket scoops / measuring devices I should know about? Advice?
I’d love Huel to be more versatile (ridiculous, I know. Huel is already so versatile!).
Like having a 300 or 350cal huel with half a PB&J for example. Or fruit/nuts/cheese/ etc.

1 more thing, how can i get an old scoop? I know it’s kinda late now since huel is already on its way, but j.w.

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Get a food scale.

Put shaker+liquid+mixins on scale, zero it/tare.

Use whatever you have (scoops, spoons, spatula, junkmail, etc) to add Huel until you get to the grams weight that meets your need: 100g = 400 kcal

This really is the easiest way to get an accurate measure of Huel.

Yeap if you want to vary the amount of Huel you have per meal a set of kitchen scales is the way forward. It’s also more accurate than a scoop if you want to track your calories.

Otherwise we would end up with a bajillion different scoop sizes!

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I believe the old legacy scoops were something like a 150 kcal scoop. It took 3 and a quarter leveled scoops to reach 500 kcal. But I just wing it anyway so it didn’t matter to much to me.

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To all you naysayers, I DEMAND 3 SCOOP SIZES!! & 2 Shaker Sizes.
It’s more for simplicity’s sake than being precise. (for convenience)

Not everyone has a kitchen scale, or wants to buy / store one.
(Yes they’re $10, yes they’re precise, yes they’re small. But i find them inconvenient)

Okay, Moving on. What about a scoop with Different Lines? (similar to measuring liquid laundry detergent) wonder if those would work… might have to test a brand new one out later. (think they’re BPA free?) Lines at 150 kcal / 200 kcal & 250 kcal at the top?

Okay, Giving up…
BUT I’D LOVE a 350ml Shaker Bottle!! It’d be an amazing niche size, & half the size of the reg one.

I have a hard time imagining a smaller shaker - i switched to a new immersion blender and the cup it came with is even larger. Now i use a scale and immersion blender with its cup. This is probably closer to how people who “wing it” would use a nutribullet.

I guess I’ve been doing it my way for so long I can’t imagine only wanting to make less than 400 calorie servings. I do feel for the person who just had a 150% serving for his first time though. :slight_smile:

I agree with Antone. Why not make a 100 cal scoop with a 50 cal line? You can use four scoops to get your 400 cal serving or three scoops for Antone to get his 300 cal serving. Sounds easier than having to weigh on a scale every time. This way I can get my preferred 250 cal servings as well. Just a thought Huel!


I couldn’t quite figure out precisely how much a “bajillion” is, but i’d say you quite exaggerated “3”…
That’s not very nice… :confused:

Also, I thought there was a 250 kcal scoop for the original 500 kcal serving. Guess I was mistaken. what exactly was the original scoop size?

Thanks Beatleknight, you rock!

Sorry guys, I didn’t mean to offend. I just mean other people will ask for different scoop sizes too and we end up with a line of scoops. You may be able to buy scoops from elsewhere to fit your needs.

The original scoop held around 38g of powder which equals 152kcal so a scoop serving was technically 456kcal. Confusing I know which is one of the reasons for the changes we have made.

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Maybe i’m trippin’ too much about this. But I want to make what I believe to be a valid point.
It’s not so much about getting exactly 399.995671 (made up #) calories per huel, every time, as it is about being able to measure your intake. I imagine a scoop of huel would measure to about the same amount of calories each time, give or take like, 3 kcal, unless you’re scooping powder differently each time. (even if that happens to be say, 187.5 kcal per scoop)

so let’s so you’re losing / gaining weight too fast, or having side effects, whatever. you can then alter that amount, knowing how much you were using, (& even later measuring your typical scoops to grams on scale if wanted) & alter accordingly. It just seems much simpler.

I think if it was feasible, you could easily implement a 2nd or even 3rd scoop size, if you wanted to.
sure, you don’t have to make a scoop that comes out to 2.0157 fluid oz, or 113.879 kcal when requested, but i feel it’d be nice if you could at least listen & consider making sensible sized alternative scoop sizes, even if that just means a 200 kcal scoop with lines every 50 kcal, or something.

Gunna try to forget I mentioned this (mostly) unsupported & bashed idea now…
It’s in your hands. @Julian-Huel

& thanks for the reply Dan, would it be possible to request & hopefully receive one of those old scoops in my future order possibly next month. or are they long gone now?

Got you!

I will pass it onto the team to look into this.

I will tag the CE team (@Tyler_Huel @Christian_Huel @Alex_Huel) to see if they have any of the old scoops lying around which they can send out to you.

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fwiw, i want to thank you for the civil conversation tone you maintained throughout this thread.

I have elsewhere suggested that “scoops” is a poor way to measure, regardless of the volume if the scoop. If you had a set of measuring cups already in your kitchen, you could use them to provide a closer guess at ‘about yyy calories’ of Huel - with the caveat that it’s accurate to within some tolerance.

I doubt the cost:value ratio works for Huel to stock multiple sizes of scoop to give away. Yeah, you might be willing to pay a dollar - but if you are willing to spend, you have the entirety of Amazon from which to shop. I suspect this is why Huel will never offer me a Huel-branded and endorsed food scale; it’s just too expensive for them to setup and maintain that supply, especially considering how much easier it is for the consumers (us) to order directly from a retailer.

This is also why I suggested Huel stickers: so we can logo bottles/scoops/scales/blenders as much for showing support of Huel as for identifying that the item is for Huel only (such as keeping the food thermos lingering aftertaste of chicken soup out of your Huel)

Unfortunately, we don’t have any of the old scoops anymore lying around in the office anymore. I’m so sorry about that! I’d send one out to you if I could.

I wonder if anyone can correlate a commonly-available measuring cup size to a 100 gram serving of powdered Huel? I’d do it myself but I’m at work now. Not sure where I hid the scale. But, there’s gotta be an easy way to say “use a 1/2 cup or 1/3 cup measuring cup and add x scoops of this to equal 100 grams.”

The last time mike suggested a scale, he almost wound up swimming with the fishes. For some reason, the subject of scoops and food scales triggers people.


The original scoop was missing and I didn’t pay much attention to miss it, so I’ve always used a 1/4 cup measure. It’s about 35 grams when levelled again the side of the bag … that’s close enough to the original 38g scoop that I use 3 level quarter cups. The new scoop of 50g is what i get when i use a heaping quarter cup measure (though a heavy press into well settled Huel can be as much as 65g) so i use two… and I’m usually within 96 to 108g with two heaping quarter cups. I weigh my wife’s portion because she wants to be certain of exact calories, I just guess for mine but having weighed my level scoops i know I’m pretty close.

So since I do both estimate and measure (it’s kind of a game) I have observed that the exact amount varies with how tightly settled the powder is in the bag and how hard you pack the scoop with how hard you push down. That’s why I suggest that anyone looking for accurate measures should not be using scoops of any size. If you aren’t concerned about highly accurate measures, you don’t really need any specific scoop - a heaping serving spoon would be a snack size. In fact, I’ll try that in the morning to see how many grams that weighs. :slight_smile:

I imagine the UK Huelers are more accustomed to weighing ingredients - even cake recipes suggest an amount of flour/etc in grams. My cousin had done difficulty “translating” family recipes for her British friends. :slight_smile:

I learned an important weight vs volume lesson making a brine solution: kosher salt is so fluffy that it’s over twice the volume of regular/table salt at the same weight! Of course, Americans use ounces to measure both weight and liquid volume so that certainly confuses directions for 10 ounces of salt per gallon of water when that graduated pyrex measuring cup shows 8 ounces and 1 cup at the same hash mark. If you are brining a turkey and you need 2+ gallons of brine you’ll be 4 ounces light on weight and if you used kosher salt you’ll be half as salty as needed to make the brine the proper concentration.

Interestingly, it’s this brine recipe that helped me understand the concentrations in the TPN orders and the NS + dexrose orders in DKA/HHS management. The hospitalist I work with is amused that I always find some food analogy. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I’m way off topic.
Weights vs Volume: weigh your ingredients, size your leftovers for which storage container to use.

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Love this.

I think I read somewhere on the forum recently that 1 cup is aprox 500 or 502 kcal.
which reminds me, @Beatleknight 1/2 cup might work splendid for you.

The problem for me, (probably due to loving even numbers & all that) is that no common measuring cups i can think of would get me 300, or within around 5 calories of it.

Though I do plan on tinkering around with different quote unquote measuring devices. such as a protein powder scoop. Maybe i’ll get lucky, especially if i go and buy every different protein powder mix i can get my hands on. jokes though :stuck_out_tongue:

I dig this idea. Sometimes I find the regular scoops difficult to manage when transferring Huel to other containers. Especially since the new rim is wider - have to use a funnel half the time. A smaller scoop would be more versatile!

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