The biggest and best Huel launch ever... Huel Hot & Savory

Today is a huge day for us. We’re launching our first savory product after a year of hard work, Huel Hot & Savory!

We’re really pleased with it. Tastes amazing with all the amazing nutritionals and benefits of Huel. This is the perfect Huel product to have for lunch when you want something hot, tasty and nutritious.

We want to let our Hueligans try it first and for the next week the product page is live for you guys. It’s only available via this secret link until general release on the 15th Sept -

Let me know what you think, we always want your feedback, as you know we make a lot of our decisions based on the feedback of our lovely Hueligans.



Just placed my order, looking forward to trying both!

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Just ordered, hoping for the best.

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Just ordered and very excited. Thanks for bringing this to US very sooner than anticipated !!

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You are very welcome.

Some on the UK forum, asked to see a close up of the texture.


Just ordered mine!

Super excited to try it!

Really excited to try this and stoked this has just been released. I’ve been a customer of Huel for years, but went on a bit of a binge eating rubbish for a while. Tried Huel’s new offerings a few months ago and love them. Perfect for a snack, a convenient breakfast, etc. Brilliant for busy professionals who need nutrition but struggle to find time to cook right.

My only issue was what to eat for my other, full meals. I wanted most of my day to be Huel - powder and/or ready to drink for breakfast, Huel bars for snacks, but I didn’t know what to fill the rest of the day with. Huel Hot and Savoury is PERFECT. I now feel I can easily stick to my health regime on both an affordable budget.

I love Huel so much I’ve spent nearly $1,000 in the past month on products, accessories and merch. I wear the shirts, and soon will wear the hoodies, use the enamel mug, steel travel container and use different Huel tote bags to store my Huel products and home exercise equipment.

I’m very pleased that this gap in my nutritional needs has now been filled by a brand I know well and trust. Plus, it’s nice to support business from my home country (born and raised in Leicester, UK).

Thank you Huel!


Boom, order placed. Can’t wait!

Order placed - so excited to try this!

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Congratulations! This is exciting and I’m looking forward to trying it. But the 3 bag minimum is a lot for an unknown product. I have had an ongoing Huel powder subscription for a couple years now. Will I be able to add a bag of HHS to my Huel Black subscription to try HHS out? Or will we continue to be met with a 3 bag minimum for HHS regardless of how much other product we’re ordering? If meeting minimum order requirements through combinations of products will be possible, when will that be activated? And if it won’t be, why not? I know there has been discussion about this in the past.
Thanks! Hoping for some hot huel soon.


Yep, ordered mine this morning. Looking forward to it!

3 bags for $69 isn’t bad, considering. Think about the two bag minimum with regular powdered Huel being around the same. You initially took the same leap of faith during the first go around, I think these meals will be great! The good news is, you can always season them with household herbs and spices should the taste not be to your satisfaction.

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Single pouches will be be added to the add-ons page once Hot & Savoury goes on general release, on the 15th Sept.


Ordered! Really excited about this one!

Looks like there’s a typo for Tomato & Herb v1.0:

Dietary Fiber	14g	0.5%

14g is not 0.5%?

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Thanks for spotting @david_h . It should be 50% like it is on the product label so we will get this changed on the website ASAP.

Which ingredients concern you @keerthanvasist?

Yeap pre-cooked with no additives and then freeze-dried.


Just placed an order today 2 tomato, 1 Thai! Looking forward to trying them.

I did the same but backwards, 2 Thai 1 Tomato!

Is there any way to just buy one bag to try it??